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Wednesday, May 31, 2023PrintSubscribe
Roadmap 2023 - 2024 Is Announced

The roadmap covers the remaining months of the year 2023 and offers a glance at the year 2024.

The primary objective of our development is to deliver to production the new tooling for developers. App Studio is the groundbreaking development platform embedded in the live applications. Developers without prior knowledge of Code On Time will become experts in building and maintaining apps that run online and offline.

Roadmap 2023 - 2024 discusses App Studio, Workflow Links, App Identity, Serverless Apps, Database Builder, Content Hub, Data-Driven Surveys, ACL Editor, and .NET Core.
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Saturday, May 27, 2023PrintSubscribe
Hello, App Studio!

The new tooling for developers is being introduced in the release It took a long time to put together a collection of features and technology that make up the groundbreaking App Studio, the integrated development environment built into live applications created with Code On Time app builder.

App Studio Roadmap outlines the features and delivery schedule. We hope you like it!
The studio mode is activated automatically when the app is started on the localhost address. The space surrounding the app boundaries provides quick access to the App Studio tools. Developers can instantly inspect the user interface elements of the live app to locate the corresponding definition in the application configuration. Design changes, runtime settings, data models, and navigation system can be modified and previewed instantly. A single click will bring up the app source code in the File Explorer or load the code in the Microsoft Visual Studio. Another click will start the publishing process and preview the production app in the separate browser tab.
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Thursday, July 2, 2020PrintSubscribe
Prerequisites and Community Site
There are two known operational issues:

  1. Downloading of prerequisites (Report Viewer, CRL Types, and IIS Express) is not working.
  2. The community site is down.
Read the instructions and explanation below.

Prerequisites Fail to Download

The app generator fails to download the content due to the TLS configuration that is not compatible with the Nuget site as of the middle of June 2020. (Thank you Microsoft).

Please do the following:

1) Make a backup of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Code OnTime LLC\Code OnTime Generator\CodeOnTime.exe"

2) Download the file, right-click the file and choose properties. Click "Unblock" and press OK.

3) Copy the file from the archive over "C:\Program Files (x86)\Code OnTime LLC\Code OnTime Generator\CodeOnTime.exe".

4) Delete/rename [Documents]\Code OnTime folder.

5) Start "Code On Time" app generator, The app generator will copy the files in command line mode, the GUI will be displayed. You will see the downloading of the library from our server.

The next update will include the permanent fix for TLS/SSL issue.

Community Site is Down

Our user community site was hosted for the past 10 years by the 3rd party provider. The provider has ceased supporting and running the site as of June 30, 2020. 

We have retained the entire set of data, which includes 45K of topics and replies with 10K images.

The new community (with the retained content) is moving to This site is built with Code On Time. The content will be managed with the new Content Maker Add-On for Code On Time apps. The add-on implements the community forum, ticket-based help desk, blog, documentation, and public content. This add-on provides the foundation for the integrated documentation system of the upcoming v9.

The add-on can be integrated in any app built with Code On Time.

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