Release Notes

Release Notes
Sunday, July 28, 2019PrintSubscribe
Save and Continue
Action command Update now support SaveAndContinue argument in Touch UI with the release This special argument value changes the behavior of the form after successful completion of Update command on the server. The form will not return to the previous view and remain in edit mode. It will retrieve the server values and display them to the user. Any visible DataView fields will be refreshed.

User can continue editing the record. Any server-side changes to the master and detail rows are visible to the user.

We will incorporate Update/SaveAndContinue action in the "Form" scope in the new projects by default . The new button will be displayed between Save and Cancel buttons in edit mode. Define this action explicitly to have it in your apps today.

The forms will also start displaying Next and Previous navigation buttons that will perform Update/SaveAndContinue as needed. You can try the hidden "Next" form navigation feature in "read" mode today by pressing Right Arrow key.

Release introduces the following features and bug fixes:
  • (Touch UI) Action with command Update and argument SaveAndContinue will not close the form after successful execution. The form will stay in the current state and refresh the current row with the server data. The form will also sync the child data views.
  • (App Gen) New command line option -DataModel changes behavior of -generate and -refresh commands. App generator will not produce the source code when the option is specified. It also resets the data controllers. If the data models are changed manually or via automated scripts then the next execute of -generate command will incorporate the model changes into the app.
  • (Framework) New method ActionArgs.AddValues allows adding values to the Values array.
  • (Framework) Method SqlStatement.Configure accepts DbCommand parameter. It allows configuration of command properties such as CommandTimeout to be applied to the entire application framework. Create a partial class SqlStatement in Data namespace to override the method.
  • (Framework)  Server-side API _invoke allows specifying additional path/query information. 
  • (Framework) OAuth access_token and refresh_token must be non-blank to be written to OAuth configuration. Refreshing of tokens will not cause loss of token. 
  • (Framework) Site Content now supports ModifiedDate and CreatedDate to allow date-driven manipulation of content in the upcoming Content Add-On.
  • (App Gen) Prevented  interruption of Project Designer operation when exception "Unable to initialize native support external to the web worker process..."  raised while trying to access HTTP cache. The error seems  to be have its source in ASP.NET 4.8  HTTP Activation feature.
  • (Touch UI) Apps based on Touch UI do not specify data-show-modal-pages attribute on "div" elements representing data views. This setting applies only if Classic UI is also supported.
  • (App Gen) File web.config is correctly processed with "regex" expressions when created for the first time.

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June 2019 Hot Fix #2
Release introduces the following enhancements and bug fixes:
  • (Code Gen) Generic property declarations do not reference "this" anymore.
  • (Framework) Implementation of class FieldValue performs a simpler calculation of Modified property value for efficiency and to provide compatibility with the compact JSON encoding of field values for Offline Sync. The new algorithm resolves the issue of saving of records with many-to-many fields.
  • (Framework) "Code" business rules created in MyProfile controller now inherit from MyProfileBusinessRulesBase class.
  • (Framework) Data Access Objects have a new implementation of SelectSingle method making it compatible with the filters produced in SELECT statements from  dynamic access control rules.
  • (Touch UI) Use import.batchSize option in ~/touch-settings.json to control the number of items submitted for insertion and optional duplicate testing from the client to the server for processing. The default size of the batch is 10 items. The larger batch size will allow fewer client/server requests to process large import files.
      "import": {
        "batchSize": 100
See the description of the June 2017 release here
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Monday, June 3, 2019PrintSubscribe
June Hotfix 1
Hot Fix Release addresses the following issues:

  • (Touch UI) Fixed incorrect display of static lookup values in "read" mode.
  • (Framework) BLOB fields are referenced in the definition of the handler by "FieldName" if the there is no matching column in the physical data model or when data model is not defined.
See the description of the June 2017 release here
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