Blog: Posts from December, 2019

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Posts from December, 2019
Wednesday, December 25, 2019PrintSubscribe
December 2019 Hot Fix 4
Release introduces the following enhancements:

  • Generated apps are now compatible with Cloud On Time app v8.9.4.0 on OSX, iOS, and Windows platforms.
  • (App Gen) Project Wizard will locate addons in the user-defined location and in default [Documents]\Code OnTime\Addons folder.
  • (Touch UI) The width of the expanded sidebar has been increased by 44 pixels to match that of native Microsoft and Google apps.
  • (Touch UI) Optimized prevention of auto correct|capitalization|completion in text inputs by the web browsers.
  • (Touch UI) Methods $app.alert and $app.confirm will correctly call the corresponding callback or resolve the promise in response to any user action (click on OK, Cancel, [Close] icon, Back button, History shortcut). Re-entrance of the confirmation window is not possible.
  • (Touch UI) Fixed incorrect programming of double tap detection on touch devices.
  • (Touch UI) Implementation of $app.alert and $app.confirm is using promises.
  • (Touch UI) Multi-file upload works with ODP and selects the first record created in response to upload.
Thursday, December 12, 2019PrintSubscribe
December 2019 Hot Fix 3
Release includes the following bug fixes:

  • (Data Aquarium) Batch Edit form does not fail when configuring read-only borrowed fields of lookups.
  • (Data Aquarium) Method $app.execute now handles responses with FieldValue instances received from ODP when constructing the "result" object. 
  • (Touch UI) Inline creation of lookup values and search in auto-complete fields is passing odp:true option with $app.execute calls to ensure that the client-side data is used when an offline data processor is engaged.
  • (Touch UI) Fixed incorrect inclusion of "template" row key in the set of selected keys while in inline editing mode. This has happened when the user was selecting all rows.
  • (Touch UI) Restored the tab bar feature that was accidentally disabled.

  • Learn about tab bar to enhance the look-and-feel of your app.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2019PrintSubscribe
    December 2019 Hot Fix 2
    Release arrives with a collection of fixes and enhancements that will increase the speed of your apps both online and offline.

    Offline Data Processor (ODP) has been greatly enhanced and now handles gracefully many edge cases that were missed in the initial implementation.

    The production release of Offline Sync is working with the apps produced with the release The delayed licenses will ship in the next 24 hours!

    Offline Sync requires Cloud On Time to operate. We have decided to sync the version number of the app generator and Cloud On Time client for all supported operating systems. The first implementation available for immediate download is Cloud On Time for Windows. This version of the native app host is based on CEF (Chromium Engine). The corresponding versions for iOS, Mac, and Windows stores have been submitted for approval and will become available in a few days. The Android version of Cloud On Time is being completed right now. Our recommendation for the buyers of Offline Sync is to try the add-on with Cloud On Time for Windows when you get your download link in the email.

    The following items are included in the release:

    • (AppGen) Fixed the issue of field duplication in custom reports caused by mismatched namespaces of RDLC language.
    • (Touch UI) Data validation is not skipped in inline editor. Previously an incomplete input may have caused an erratic display.
    • (Data Aquarium) The core framework uses JSON.parse if there are no "date" values in the server response or when the "native" dates are not required. This improves performance.
    • (ODP) Static lookup fields with context dependencies are correctly populated in online and offline modes.
    • (Touch UI) Empty keys are not added to the selection in inline editing mode when multi-select is enabled.
    • (ODP)  New row is generated with a full set of field values to fix the issue with inline editing in Offline mode.
    • (Client Framework) Fixed incorrect concatenation of compound primary keys in multi-select mode.
    • (Classic UI) Fonts are correctly included in the app based on Classic UI.
    • (Classic UI) The framework triggers '' event on the document when the app is ready to execute custom code.
    • (ODP) Fixed the issue with processing of DELETE with multi-select of  objects with compound primary keys.
    • (Touch UI) The user if forced to provide a value for an editable primary key field. Last release has caused a round-trip to the server. Now the user is forced to supply a value.
    • (Framework) Implemented server-based resolution on of client-generated Guid primary keys to support Offline Sync when transaction log is committed.
    • (Touch UI) Animated promo button does not prevent clicking on the items in the "fast" web views such as Chromium.
    • (Offline Sync) Server-values (primary keys and calculated values) are resolved on the client in the transaction log when returned from the server. This ensures that pending actions are compatible with the server data even if the primary keys and other server values were not known at the time when client data was created.
    • (Offline Sync) Pending logs are refreshed after each iteration of uploading during sync to ensure that resolved primary keys are replaced in the pending logs. This allows reconciling errors with incomplete upload and to survive physical crashing of device mid-synchronization.
    • (Offline Sync) Server error is cleared when the user is cancelling reconciliation to allow resubmitting transactions to the server. Previously the last captured reconciliation error was displayed without attempting to commit the log to the server.
    • (Touch UI) Orphan dropdownlist is not displayed in the top left corner of the screen when the input with auto-complete has lost the focus.