Wednesday, December 25, 2019
December 2019 Hot Fix 4
Release introduces the following enhancements:

  • Generated apps are now compatible with Cloud On Time app v8.9.4.0 on OSX, iOS, and Windows platforms.
  • (App Gen) Project Wizard will locate addons in the user-defined location and in default [Documents]\Code OnTime\Addons folder.
  • (Touch UI) The width of the expanded sidebar has been increased by 44 pixels to match that of native Microsoft and Google apps.
  • (Touch UI) Optimized prevention of auto correct|capitalization|completion in text inputs by the web browsers.
  • (Touch UI) Methods $app.alert and $app.confirm will correctly call the corresponding callback or resolve the promise in response to any user action (click on OK, Cancel, [Close] icon, Back button, History shortcut). Re-entrance of the confirmation window is not possible.
  • (Touch UI) Fixed incorrect programming of double tap detection on touch devices.
  • (Touch UI) Implementation of $app.alert and $app.confirm is using promises.
  • (Touch UI) Multi-file upload works with ODP and selects the first record created in response to upload.