Prerequisite Verification and Report Viewer Publishing

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Prerequisite Verification and Report Viewer Publishing

Code On Time release includes a new feature and two enhancements. 

  • Publishing of Mobile Factory, Web App Factory, and Web Site Factory will also include all required DLLs from Microsoft Report Viewer if reporting has been enabled in a project. Previously this capability has been available only in Azure Factory projects. There is no need to install Report Viewer on the server machines anymore.
  • The new update implements enhancements to the process of prerequisite verification that was introduced in the last update. The app generator detects if IIS Express or Report Viewer are missing on the computer and suggest to download them. The enhancements were made to address issues related to this feature that were reported by several users.
  • We have also enhanced the process of inclusion of combined script file. This feature is available only in Unlimited edition and significantly speeds up the initial download of application pages. All required scripts are combined into one file and compressed. The downloaded file is cached by web browsers for a year. The name of the combined script changes with every release of the app generator and with every instance of publishing. There were several reports indicating that the file name includes incorrect “culture” component in some configurations. We believe we were able to address the issues. If the new release does not correct the issue, then please open a support ticket and we will arrange for a troubleshooting session as soon as possible.

ATTENTION: DotNetNuke and SharePoint developers must request a hot fix that will correct the compilation error present in both and releases. The fix incudes two files:

  1. PageBase.codedom.xslt – copy the file to [Documents]\Code OnTime\Library\Data Aquarium\_App_Code\Web folder.
  2. DataControllerService.codedom.xml – copy the file to [Documents]\CodeOnTime\Library\Data Aquarium\_App_Code\Services folder.

See complete release notes for version to learn about the features that have become available over the weekend.