Managed Oracle Provider, Report Action Parameters, Azure SDK 1.8

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Managed Oracle Provider, Report Action Parameters, Azure SDK 1.8

Code On Time release is now a Microsoft.NET 4.0 application. This results in up to 30% increase in the speed of code generation. The benefit is especially visible on multi-core computers to Premium and Unlimited edition customers.

Full support for Managed Oracle Data Provider (ODP) and extended processing of Oracle-specific data types is now a part of the application framework. Learn to create projects with Oracle databases.

Action “Report” and its variations (Report As PDF, Report as Excel, Report as Image, Report as Word)  are extended with reporting parameters. Use Project Designer to configuring Data property of an action with parameters “_controller”, “_view”, “_count”, “_template”, and “_sortExpression”. Developers can also specify a filter referencing values of the data row selected in the browser. A tutorial will be available this week.

Application generator now supports Windows Azure SDK 1.8 released in November of 2012.

The following enhancements and bug fixes are also includes:

  • Custom Membership provider handles "password attempt window start" and "password answer attempt window start" dates.
  • Locked-out user will be able to re-try login when "password attempt window" becomes available. The time interval is controller by Password Attempt Window option. Its default value is 10.
  • Password reset is also controlled by the same option when user tries to answer the password question.
  • Custom Membership provider uses "Comments" as an SQL alias of "Comment" field.
  • Compatibility of field length and type for custom membership providers generated from Oracle databases is included.
  • Unique identifier columns of type raw(16) are fully supported by application framework in Oracle database projects.
  • Quick Find implementation creates dedicated parameters in Oracle apps when Managed ODP provider is detected.
  • Long project names will not cause compilation error in Visual Basic projects with the application framework placed in a class library.
  • "Hidden" data fields mixed with visible data fields in a data sheet view will not break focusing of cells.
  • SQL and Email business rules are not executed twice when processing custom actions.
  • Action Navigate will not disable data view events when "_blank" or any other target is placed in front of the value in Command Argument.
  • Role provider binds ApplicationName parameter on-demand.
  • Fixed the bug with custom Google Translate API key processing.
  • Data sheet view with multiple selection will not scroll to the top of the view when a data row is selected.
  • The app generator will not fail to start project builder when Visual Studio without Web Developer Tools is installed on a computer. Only "Web Site Factory" projects can be created if that is the case.
  • Virtualization node sets now support MoveNext method and Current property to allow easy iteration when implementing virtualization of data controllers.