November 2012 Enhancements

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November 2012 Enhancements

The following bug fixes and enhancements are incorporated in the Code On Time release

  • RepresentationalStateTransferBase class implements IRequiresSession interface to enable access to session variables when handling REST API calls.
  • Fixed the runtime bug in Visual Basic version of ActionResult.Refresh method.
  • Added a fix for “missing buttons” exception in Designer.
  • Library downloader uses temporary files when downloading code generation library updates from to minimize the file locking.
  • Visual Studio 2012 detection has been enhanced to work correctly on  system with Visual Studio 2010 only.
  • Client library uses "-" instead of "$" in the CSS classes of UI elements rendered for all actions. 
  • Custom membership provider correctly maps Email field.
  • Custom membership provider correctly implements the version of method GetUser that accepts a provider key as an argument.
  • “Data sheet” lookup will not automatically close when displayed for the first time.