Your Own Personal Application Server

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Your Own Personal Application Server

Code On Time release introduces a built-in application sever in web apps created with Unlimited edition. Developers are creating modern user interface forms based on the data controllers using drag & drop and cut/copy/paste. Customized data controllers provide powerful REST APIs that allow extending web apps created with Code On Time to any platform supporting REST, JSON, JSONP, and XML.

See an example of HTML form that allows submitting data to the web app database without a single line of code. Learn how to create a native Windows Client for your web app. More examples covering development of cross-domain and embedded jQuery scripts are coming soon. It is now possible to create custom user controls that take a full advantage of data controllers with the help of jQuery.

The following features, enhancements, and bug fixes are included in this release:

  • REST APIs allow extending web apps with no-code html forms, native clients, and jQuery scripts.
  • Parameters can be referenced in the SQL Formula definition of a field.
  • Web Site Factory projects include the app generator version number in JavaScript and CSS references.
  • Many-to-many business rules work correctly when removing data rows from tables with surrogate primary keys.
  • Method BusinessRules.Result.RefreshChildren will correctly refresh the child views.
  • The category of annotations remains invisible until activatied by the end user.
  • Data sheet view will correctly size the columns in "new" mode when annotations are enabled.
  • Adaptive filter dialog window will correctly handle Enter key to prevent re-submission of the page.
  • The selected row is correctly "forgotten" by a data view when it is not in the filtered set of data rows.
  • Inline lookup record creation will correctly reference the Data Value Field and Data Text Field of the lookup field when figuring the value and text that must be selected in the lookup.
  • The controller configuration caching is now performed to improve performance. Only once instance of a data controller configuration is customized when processing  a server request.
  • Designer maintains "collapsed" state of nodes in Project Explorer during drag & drop operations.
  • Designer correctly saves changed to the "Group" property of views.
  • DataViewExtender class is now declared as a partial class derived from DataViewExtenderBase, which makes it possible to override CSS and JavaScript registration.
  • Many-to-many field values (without aliases are displayed on reports. We are still working on making possible display of of alias values.
  • Blob handler sets HTTP status code to 404 if the blob stream length is zero.