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The lesson explains how to build an embedded SPA with a completely custom UI while still taking advantage of the host security and hypermedia.

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Posts from January, 2022
Tuesday, January 25, 2022PrintSubscribe
Lesson: Embedded SPA3 (Custom UI) With RESTful Hypermedia

This lesson from the RESTful Workshop series explains how to remove the UI of the host from the embedded single-page application. This SPA is the “black and white” canvas that developers are free to use in any way they like. The SPA takes the advantage of the host security.

Learn how to create custom landing pages, dashboards, and single page apps embedded in the API host while following the instructions in the Embedded SPA3 (Custom UI) with RESTful Hypermedia segment.

Single Page Application (SPA) with custom user interface embedded in the application with the RESTful API Engine created with Code On Time.
Single Page Application (SPA) with custom user interface embedded in the application with the RESTful API Engine created with Code On Time.

Thursday, January 20, 2022PrintSubscribe
Lesson: Embedded SPA2 with REST Level 2

This lesson explains how to access the RESTful API while ignoring the hypermedia. The hypermedia makes an API self-documenting. Developers can easily discover how to make the traditional REST requests to the application with their favorite API development tool or directly in the browser.

Discover the benefits of hypermedia in the Embedded SPA2 with REST Level 2 segment by learning how to live without it!

Embedded SPA2 with REST Level 2
Embedded SPA2 with REST Level 2

Saturday, January 15, 2022PrintSubscribe
Lesson: Embedded SPA1 with RESTful Hypermedia

The lesson explains how to implement the data paging with the RESTful hypermedia. The HTML page is placed directly in the RESTful Application and fetches data from its own host. The page shares the security system of the host application. Users will need to sign in into the host application to view the page in a browser..

Start building your first Embedded SPA with RESTful Hypermedia.

Embedded SPA1 with RESTful Hypermedia.
Embedded SPA1 with RESTful Hypermedia.