Blog: Posts from December, 2020

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Posts from December, 2020
Saturday, November 28, 2020PrintSubscribe
Long Press and Auto Complete Prefix Length

 Code On Time release introduces improved long press on touch screens and the ability to control when the auto-complete starts in lookups. The new product activation compatible with v9 is now a part of the product. 

Long press is now triggered if the user is holding a field value in the grid/list/cards for 500 milliseconds. The app will display the handy options to sort or filter data.

The long press is also triggered with the mouse.

Auto-complete feature in Touch UI automatically starts when the user stops typing for 300 milliseconds in the input box of a lookup. Fast typing of a longer text value will keep delaying the database lookup. The real-world apps may require a longer text sample to be entered for a useful lookup data to be return. Specify the numeric value in the Auto Complete Minimum Prefix Length property of the lookup data field to delay the lookup until the required number of characters is entered.

Browser-based activation is integrated in this release. The upcoming Code On Time v9 is using the local management app to manage the projects on your device. We have included this management app in the release. The app is launched in the default web browser when the product activation code is clicked at the top of the start page of the generator. Presently the app immediately proceeds to to assist with the product registration. The future updates will have this app display a list of local projects in the default web browser when the Code On Time is started.

The following features and fixes are included in this release:

  • (Touch UI) Eliminated the "thick" header separator in popup menus in native mode.
  • (App Gen) Staging instance published to Azure is launched with "https://" protocol.
  • (Universal Input) If the selected text in the input is replaced with whitespace(s)  by pressing spacebar or pasting in the sequence of spaces, then the input is cleared. Previously the  whitespaces remained in the input.
  • (Reports) Removed FontFamily tag from the report templates.
  • (Reports) Fonts are embedded in PDF output to ensure correct rendering of data on Android.
  • (Touch UI) Removed hover/active border on the action bar group items on iOS touch devices
  • (Touch UI) Fixed the bug with external URL navigation caused by incompatibility with jQuery 3.5.1
  • (Touch UI) Fixed positioning of "cancel" icon in the blob image  preview displayed in forms
  • (Touch UI) Long press works on field values in grid/list/cards. The context menu that allows quick filtering / sorting is displayed.
  • (Touch UI) Drag sensitivity is now set at 9 pixels in either direction to provide a more robust drag detection on  modern high resolution touch screens.
  • (Touch UI) Long press delay is now 500ms  (previously 750).
  • (Touch UI)  View selector menu is aligned with the menus displayed for action bar groups.
  • (Touch UI) Compact density menu items have their height increased by 4 pixels.
  • (Touch UI) Dark theme popups have the background color matched to the color of active options in the panels.
  • (Touch UI) Long press and right-clicking of the data cells will always display the context menu for the field value. Previously this was the case only when the text in the data cell was long pressed or right-clicked.
  • (Touch UI) Fixed the issue with popups closed right after opening when displayed in response to touch.
  • (Framework) WrapResponse property of ServiceRequestHandler descendants allows removing the "d" wrapper element from the output. By default the "d" wrapper is always present in the JSON output.
  • (App Gen) IP Address verification for new apps ensures that IP addresses are not listed in [Documents]\IISExpress\Config\applicationhost.config. It also ignores any actively occupied IP addresses on the device.
  • (Touch UI) Single line bottom border is removed from the last item in the popup list view.
  • (Touch UI) Data field property 'Auto Complete Prefix Length' will delay the auto complete lookup until the length requirement is met.
  • (Data Aquarium) External JavaScript business rules are fired for Calculate command  for every change of the field value. Previously external business rules were skipped if there are blank required fields. This is an important change. See examples of JavaScript business rules responding to Calculate command at

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Thursday, November 12, 2020PrintSubscribe
November 2020 Hot Fix

 The hot fix is addressing the following issues:

  • (Data Aquarium) Fixed issue with $.ajax replacing %20 if processData:false is not specified.
  • (Touch UI) If a popup menu is activated for a child DataView then the data view input is focused. This prevents incorrect focus shifting when the popup is closed.
  • (Touch UI) Popup arrow is styled to display without being crossed by a horizontal line in Light theme.
  • (Touch UI) Rich Text toolbar is activated correctly with the new Touch Core and jQuery 3.5.1
  • (Touch UI) Fixed the issue with incorrect wrapping with floating. Learn about this powerful feature at
  • (Data Aquarium) Fixed incorrect deserializer initialization in the projects with aspx page implementation.

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Monday, November 9, 2020PrintSubscribe
Faster With The New Touch Core

Rebuild your app with Code On Time for maximum performance. We have optimized the core framework and improved the Touch UI speed. 

Applications include the latest version of jQuery 3.5.1. If the legacy Internet Explorer or IE agent is detected then the app will link jQuery 2.2.4 instead. Bootstrap components are not linked to pages if there is no bootstrap content in the page.

Cloud On Time app correctly renders the icons. Simply rebuild your application with the new release to fix the broken icons.

The following features and fixes are included:

  • (Touch UI) Tag focus-auto will correctly focus the tagged data field when switching from "read" mode to "edit" mode in the form.
  • (IFTTT) Method unwrap returns the value in the context if resolved and the promise if the value has not been resolved yet.
  • (Framework) Theme caching speeds up rendering of the initial CSS resources on the server.
  • (Touch UI) Mouse-driven GUI will instantly destroy the popup on close.
  • (Framework) Classes RestApi, SaasConfiguration, and SaasConfigManager are implemented in the dedicated ~/App_Code/Services/Rest.cs(vb) file. This is the foundation for the upcoming REST-based data models.
  • (Code Gen) new lockStatement is supported in the code generator.
  • (Touch UI) Bootstrap script is linked only to the pages with the data-content-framework="bootstrap" attribute.
  • (Dark Theme) Popup menus have an explicit border color.
  • (Touch Core) Bug fix: Popups do not fire afteropen and befoceclose when activated with touch.
  • (Touch UI) It is now possible to instantly open a drop down menu on the toolbar and action bar with the mouse click when another popup window is visible. If the user is touching the screen then the touch is not propagated to the GUI and the active popup is closed.
  • (ODP) Blank string value will not break the JSON parsing when string is converted to a value.
  • (Touch Core) Fixed the rounding error when choosing the best position for the popup.
  • (Framework) An optimized version of Microsoft client library is loaded in apps with HTML page implementation based on Touch UI only.
  • (Framework) Visual Basic version of the framework correctly tests objects for "arrays of type".
  • (Framework) Standard membership business rules  correctly handle guids represented as byte arrays in VB implementations.
  • (Framework) Business Object parameters can be initialized from a simple SortedDictionary<string, object>.
  • (Framework) Method  CreateValueFromSourceFields is performing correct detection of  Guid parameters presented as byte arrays.
  • (Code Gen) Expression "is" is now used to check the type of objects in C# code base.
  • (Framework) Handlers GetControllerListServiceRequestHandler and CommitServiceRequestHandler both require authentication in projects with custom membership provider.
  • (Library) Netwonsoft.Json and YamlDotNet  are included in the framework. All generated app will hve this libraries in the ~/bin folder of the app.
  • (Client Framework) Fix the bug in the conversion of APSX-serialized UserTicket.
  • (Client Library)  Apps based on *.aspx pages are resolving User Ticket serialization on the client. This addresses the problem that has caused the prompt to sign in when execute Export of data. Also user avatars are displayed if specified.
  • (Reading Pane) Restored the splitter display broken due to css typo.
  • (CMS) Primary key index is created as non-clustered on the SiteContent.SiteContentID column.

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