December 2019 Hot Fix 1

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December 2019 Hot Fix 1
Update is compatible with the first official release of Offline Sync Add-On. Purchased licenses with download link and installation instructions will be delivered via email by the end of day on December 5, 2019.

The new Cloud On Time app is being rolled out today. The version number is matched with the app generator to indicate the compatibility level.

This update introduces the following bug fixes and product enhancements:

  • (App Gen) Custom report template is automatically extended with additional fields found in the corresponding data controller view.
  • (Business Rules) It is now possible to mix parameters of scalar and nullable scalar types with those based on BusinessRulesObjectModel type descendants.
  • (Model Builder) Fixed incorrect detection of integer fields as OnDemand in Postgress.
  • (Model Builder) Fixed detection of foreign keys in MySQL.
  • (ODP) Data processor will not hang when child rows are not found. Instead the action result is resolved with "zero" row count.
  • (ODP) Multi-level DataView fields correctly respond to the change in the master DataView field.
  • (ODP) Referential integrity check uses the label of the DataView field to display an error with the number of dependent items.
  • (ODP) The original deferred operation is resolved when an error is detected. Previously the operation was incorrectly rejected.
  • (ODP) Insert commands are executed with mandatory data retrieval to ensure that Offline Sync is correctly loading the local data.
  • (ODP) Data loading from the server is skipped for New records with the negative values in the external filter.
  • (Offline Sync) Files listed in "file cache manifest" are removed 3 at a time before the downloading of data is started. 
  • (Offline Sync) Fixed incorrect references to the resources in the tooltip of "cloud" icon.