June 2019 Hot Fix #2

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June 2019 Hot Fix #2
Release introduces the following enhancements and bug fixes:
  • (Code Gen) Generic property declarations do not reference "this" anymore.
  • (Framework) Implementation of class FieldValue performs a simpler calculation of Modified property value for efficiency and to provide compatibility with the compact JSON encoding of field values for Offline Sync. The new algorithm resolves the issue of saving of records with many-to-many fields.
  • (Framework) "Code" business rules created in MyProfile controller now inherit from MyProfileBusinessRulesBase class.
  • (Framework) Data Access Objects have a new implementation of SelectSingle method making it compatible with the filters produced in SELECT statements from  dynamic access control rules.
  • (Touch UI) Use import.batchSize option in ~/touch-settings.json to control the number of items submitted for insertion and optional duplicate testing from the client to the server for processing. The default size of the batch is 10 items. The larger batch size will allow fewer client/server requests to process large import files.
      "import": {
        "batchSize": 100
See the description of the June 2017 release here
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