Release Hot Fix 2

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Release Hot Fix 2

Code On Time release introduces the following enhancements:

  • The values of unmodified fields are available in the business rules. Property “Modified” is not being stripped anymore, which allows access to field values when handling actions in scopes other than the “Form”.
  • Command Arguments with non-alphanumeric characters are not rejected by the framework. This will restore custom arguments processing for Report, Import, and Export action.
  • Inline Editor now handles “Delete” key. The value of the selected field is immediately cleared without causing activation of the editor.
  • Code generation library has been refactored to support the upcoming trial mode of Unlimited Edition.
  • Form field values do not include the “NewValue” property for unmodified fields anymore. The server library correctly uses “OldValue” as the current value of the field.
  • The new installer compatible with the upcoming Free Trial of Unlimited Edition is now a part of the package.
  • The core code generation library is delivered in a single file, which singnificatly increases installation speed.

Inline Editor Enhancements

The new “Delete” keyboard shortcut will switch the row in the “edit” mode if it was not possible to clear the field value on the server. This will happen if the user is clearing up a required field or when the change is rejected by business rules.

Keyboard shortcut DELETE is rejected when clearing the value of a required field in apps based on Touch UI.

New Installer

The brand new installation program works faster and uses a new method of code generation library initialization. If you need to downgrade to the previous releases prior then make sure to explicitly delete [Documents]\Code OnTime\Library folder.

The new installer is compatible with the upcoming Free Trial of Unlimited Edition and Offline Sync Add-On. The former will allow building apps with Code On Time with a full set of features in a trial mode. The latter will enable converting online apps into disconnected/offline native apps without writing a single line of code. The installer also enhances the processing of activation codes.

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