July 2017 Hotfixes

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July 2017 Hotfixes

The flowing fixes are implemente in release

  • New Feature: Property CausesCalculate of dataview fields is triggering Calculate event with the trigger set to the field name after any command executed on the rows of the child data view. Learn to create DataView fields in Episode 5 and Episode 7 of To-Do App tutorial.
  • Fixed. Error "$ not defined” is raised when activating project models and settings in the app generator on some machines.
  • Fixed. Specifying $quickfind or $quickfinddisabled in Search Options of a data field will break advanced search. This properties are designed for server-side optimazation of quick find feature but were causing incorrect behavior of Advanced Search screens.
  • Fixed. Clicking on thumbnail for non-image BLOBs will not open file in the new window
  • Fixed. Check boxes do not render in read-only mode in forms.
  • Changed custom JS loading to read only from "~/js/custom". Release has linked any files in the ~/js folder to the main combined script.
  • Fixed. Collapse/Expand tooltips are not displayed on chevrons in categories.
  • Fixed. Map of suppliers crashes with a system alert when address has not been resolved correctly.
  • Fixed. Advanced Search / Filter controls will correctly display a filter applied by sidebar calendar.
  • Fixed. Mouse selection of dates in the calendar will set up the cursor at the end of date input field.
  • Fixed issue with Calendar and Mini Calendar corrupting advanced search.
  • Fixed. It is now possible to create models for Oracle and other database engine when only one data schema is present.
  • Fixed. Removed unncessary parameters created IsNotNullFilterFunction and IsNullFilterFunction that were causing an exception in Oracle-based projects.
  • Removes all role providers for Oracle projects in Web.Config.
  • Fixed. MySQL Membership/Role providers are cleared.
  • Fixed. Theme selector correctly previews themes in Free edition.
  • Membership connection string handling is fixed.
  • Fxied. Correct membership connection string is selected when membership is Custom.

We expect to release one more maintenance update this month. It will introduce a few features that are missing in Advanced Search 3.0 – “deep” search and history. History is expected to be displayed in both Search box and Adavanced Search forms.

Another feature of the upcoming maintenance update is enhanced RTF editor. 

Maintenance update will also introduce a new folder structure and naming for JavaScript and CSS files. We are moving things into ~/js and ~/css folders. Old folders ~/touch and ~/scripts will be removed. This is being done in a preparation for the native client generation. This is also the reason why we will replace XML format of data controller files with JSON. This is a big change that will not affect anything in the app. Application will perform internal transformation of JSON files into XML, so no behavior of the apps will be changed. JSON format of data controllers is core of offline feature and is the foundation of the upcoming CoT v9.

We expect the update to go out in a couple of weeks.

It will be followed by release that will bring to life the native apps. Expected release date is the last week of July or early August.