Touch UI 2017 Hot Fixes 2

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Touch UI 2017 Hot Fixes 2

Code On Time release fixes another set of issues that were introduced in

  • Universal Input safely handles incorrect field names reported by business rules.
  • It is now possible to select filter fields of data views on the pages in Project Designer.
  • The font size of lookup links in Project Designer is now matched with the font size of text.
  • Fixed the status bar / wizard text color in Modern theme.
  • Help can now be disabled in Touch UI using help option in ~/touch-settings.json.
  • Double-page header is not created when modal lookup is selected on top of non-modal page.
  • NEW: Multiple form layouts can be downloaded in a single file from Developer Tools option in context menu.
  • Enhanced instructions on Data Model page of Project Wizard.
  • Fixed processing of initalMode option from touch-settings.json configuraiton file.
  • NEW: Northwind sample dates shifted to 2014-2016.
  • User Avatar title is assinged to the button instead of the icon. This will correctly refresh the title if the window became wider since the previous title of the button will be overriden with the user name.
  • Fixed filter processing in surveys to support original filter:{from:'', to:''} syntax.
  • Multi-line text fields are display in full height in edit mode.
  • Disabled reading of UserID for Active Directory.
  • Fix for "OAuthHandler" undefined compilation error with Unlimited and no membership.
  • Fix for "MimeMapping" is "Friendly" in .NET 4.0 Projects with SiteContent.