New Update Delivery Engine

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New Update Delivery Engine

Occasionally developers need to downgrade to the previous release of the application generator and code generation library when newly introduced features are interfering with project implementations. Code On Time release introduces support for seamless downgrading and upgrading.

If you need to downgrade the product, then uninstall the application generator, navigate to, and choose the required version.

Upgrading of the application generation does not require uninstalling the previous version.

The following product enhancements and bug fixes are also included:

  • Enhancements to many-to-many field processing to prevent exceptions in business rules.
  • "Code" rules will include parameters derived from data controller fields if the type of the field is not Byte[] or Object and the field is not marked as on-demand.
  • App generator starts IIS Express on demand without starting the default website.
  • Windows Installer now shows the current version of the installed application generator.
  • Charts are now generated synchronously to prevent incorrect class naming in projects with large number of charts.
  • Enhancements to "Select" action processing.
  • Sql and Code business rules support implementation of server-side multi-field copy.
  • Report action will close a modal confirmation controller.
  • Various improvements to method parameter binding mechanism in Business Rules.
  • Business rules will bind arguments of server methods to action argument values and external values.
  • Code and SQL business rules can now be used to process "New" and "Select" events on the server. The phase of the business rule must be set to "Execute" for the method to be invoked. Server-side processing of “Edit” action has been removed from the application framework and replaced with “Select”.
  • Adding a data field directly to any category in a multi-category form works correctly.
  • Reporting and Export actions correctly apply access control rules.
  • Dalibor Uremović has contributed Croatia (hr) localication files. Thank you!
  • Action "Roles" property is correctly saved by designer.
  • Data field "Alias Field Name" property is correctly saved by designer.