Live Inspection, EASE Auditing, New Themes

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Live Inspection, EASE Auditing, New Themes

Code On Time has released update The new updates includes a collection of new features and bug fixes described below: 

  • Live Inspection is now available.
  • Integrated EASE Auditing is now available in Unlimited edition.
  • New Modern and Dark Knight themes.
  • Reduced metadata footprint with all databases. Previous version would have enumerated all table columns even if the tables are not selected in the project.
  • Custom project references (for example, external assemblies) are not lost when Visual Basic projects are re-generated.
  • Mr. Adalberto Hernandez Vega has contributed Spanish localization for es-HN culture. Thank you!
  • Client Library now supports new data controller URL parameter, which allows indicating, which URL filter fields shall remain visible. The default behavior is to hide the data fields specified in the URL.
    A comma-separated list of fields can be specified as follows: _display=Field1,Field2,Field3. The client library will also populate field values from the values in the URL when _commandName is New. Read more about data controller URL parameters at /blog/2011/01/data-controller-url-parameters.html
  • Left Shift + Click on the project name will re-generate the project.
  • If the HyperlinkFormatString property of a field starts with “mailto:” then the links is formatted correctly.
  • The header text of the action group with scope "Action Column" is displayed in the header of the action column. If the text is blank then "Actions" is displayed instead.
  • Various cosmetic improvements to Project Designer.
  • Project Explorer tracks and updates multiple visible nodes linked to the same data controller on all tabs.
  • Client library detects HTML tags and does not perform HTML formatting in menus and "filter details" area of views if HTML is detected.
  • Automatic expansion of collapsed nodes in Project Explorer upon refresh of a node by monitor. 
  • Code generator will not try to delete project folders under control of Subversion.
  • Multi-field filter fields (up to five) are now available to allow multi-level master detail configuration with multi-column primary keys.
  • Client library now supports [Master.FieldName] expressions in When Client Script of actions and in new Visible When property of data views.
    Multiple-value filter fields are now working correctly.
  • Visual style of buttons in "Action Column" scope has changed.
  • Data Field Visibility is now a property of a Data Field instead of a list of Visibility expressions.
  • Shortcuts to Value/Text Items and Validators are displayed in fields and data fields.
  • Fixed the bug that was preventing deletion of visibility expressions on data fields in grid views.
  • Core.css has been changed to use the new Outer CSS class for icons. Existing apps will require modification to support custom action icons.
    For example: .NewIcon .Outer, .FlatGroupIcon.NewIcon
  • Fix the problem with disappearing “Reports|*”  nodes due to wrong schemas deduced from "_" in the names of tables.
  • Preview window is maximized if the Designer window is maximized.
  • Data controller URL parameters now support _commandName2 and _commandArgument2. The second command is executed as a follow up to the first set of _commandName and _commandArgument. Use the first set to select a record and the second command to execute a custom action on the activated record when needed.
  • CloudApp project file in Azure Factory applications is now compatible with Azure SDK 1.6.4
  • Action groups and actions feature Id property. It is used as as a CSS style on all user interface elements representing actions.
  • App Preview shows precisely on top of the Designer window. 
  • Utility Css classes are assigned to UI elements representing actions to support Designer inspection.
  • Icon column in grid views now renders a span to allow better formatting.
  • Menu options now feature Inner, Outer, and Self CSS classes to allow sophisticated styling.
  • Restored ability to go back from Controller Summary page in Project Wizard.