Bug Fixes, Just-In-Time Formatting of Numbers

Wednesday, May 18, 2011PrintSubscribe
Bug Fixes, Just-In-Time Formatting of Numbers

The new update includes the enhanced client library. Any numeric values with data format strings are automatically formatted as soon as a field input control loses its focus.

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Processing of numeric values entered with percent symbol are correctly converted to  floating values. You can enable Percent data format if you enter letter “p” in the data format string of a numeric field in Designer.
  • Source code generated in Visual Basic projects now uses “TypeOf X is Y” expressions to determine if an instance X is of a specific type Y of if an instance X is implementing interface Y. This corrects the issue that was introduced in last update that had to do with various conversion error messages when business rules were invoked.
  • Client library now correctly processes read only primary key values that are not auto-incremented. This fixes the problem with Designer that was reported as “Cannot create duplicate object” and was preventing creation of page containers and actions.
  • Interactive History is correctly rendered in IE 9 and WebKit browsers.

Make sure to clear the browser cache after re-generating your project.