Data Aquarium Update

Monday, March 2, 2009PrintSubscribe
Data Aquarium Update

This update includes the following enhancements:

  1. The bug in business objects in Visual Basic.NET projects was causing a conversion error at runtime when executing requests such as the one below:
    Dim territories As List(Of EmployeeTerritories) = _
        EmployeeTerritories.Select(employeeId, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing)
  2. Attribute RowFilter has been enhanced with Operation property to allow creation of programmatic business rule filters other then equality checks. Here is the definition of RowFilterOperation in C#:
    public enum RowFilterOperation
  3. Query-by-example lookups when enhances to perform a range check for field of DateTime type. Filters where not working well when dates contain time. Now a list of samples dates for DateTime fields is stripped off of time. If you select a date then a range filter is applied to capture any dates in the filter on a selected date.
  4. There was an issue with display of view selector in browsers other Internet Explorer. Incorrectly positioned frame was displayed when user moved mouse over the view selector drop-down. The issue has been resolved. Here is screen shot of Mozilla Firefox with "orange" Employees view selector drop down when mouse is moved over it.