Business Rules Compatibility Issues

Friday, March 6, 2009PrintSubscribe
Business Rules Compatibility Issues

New business rules in the latest release of Data Aquarium Framework have lost compatibility with data filters and custom action handlers.

If you do have a legacy code and are experiencing System.InvalidCastException error when framework is trying to create a custom action handler or a data filter instance then run Code OnTime Generator and wait until a prompt to install an update will be displayed. Proceed with installation.

Create a brand new Data Aquarium project for any database and complete code generation. Copy ~/App_Code/Data/ViewPage.cs(vb) and ~/App_Code/Data/ControllerConfiguration.cs(vb) to your current project.

The filters and custom action handlers will be working again.

Make sure to migrate any future code to business rules.

New Membership premium project is a great example of business rules. Generate a project with membership and research ~/App_Code/Security/MembershipBusinessRules.cs(vb).