Blog: Posts from December, 2010

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Posts from December, 2010
Thursday, December 30, 2010PrintSubscribe
Developing With Web App Factory

User feedback has brought about further enhancements to the Web App Factory code generator project for ASP.NET/AJAX available with Code On Time generator.

  • Code generation of a Web App Factory project will now conclude with an automatic rebuild of the solution.
  • If the solution has been rebuilt successfully then the project home page will be loaded in the default web browser.
  • If the solution has failed to compile then Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer Express will be started. The project will be automatically rebuild to show the error messages in IDE of your development tool.
  • Similar sequence of “rebuild and start a browser if success” or “rebuild and show Visual Studio if failure” is executed when user selects browse action next to the project name on the start page of the code generator.

The change will significantly simplify development when code formulas, code expressions, and custom code is incorporated in the project. If an error is introduced then there will be no way of missing the problem thanks to the latest enhancements.

Web App Factory projects are implemented as a solution with a class library and web application project. Changes to themes, new code files, changes in the target .NET Framework of the project, and other such modifications may result in erroneous references in the solution and project files.

The code generator will frequently try to preserve the previous changes making an assumption that user will take care of correcting any inconsistencies. The effort is made to pick up any new files in the project folders to update the solution projects. If you are well under way in your development process then there should be few situations when such updating of the project files will cause problems. The new compilation mode will automate the detection of problems and will not mask them by launching the website with the last known “good” build of the application, which was happening in the previous releases of the code generator.

If you would like to try various features of the code generator then a sample Web Site Factory project may be a better choice than Web App Factory project. Web Site Factory projects do not require a project file and are easily handling changes to the project configuration.

We recommend creating Web Site Factory projects unless a solution with web application project is requirement. Both, Web Site Factory and Web App Factory produce functionally identical web applications.

Bug Fixes

Several fixes were introduced to correct the following issues:

  • Business Objects were generated with compilation errors when the first field of the primary key is string and the number of fields in the corresponding table was less or equal to four.
  • Symbol “single quote” in navigation menu title or description was causing the runtime error which led to the failure of the page to render correctly.
  • Auto Complete lookup style has been failing to render when lookup field has the type of “String” and there is no alias field.
  • Web App Factory projects failed to compile when a dedicated login page has been enabled.
  • User Name and User ID lookup styles were not working.
  • “Read Roles” defined on a field level in Designer Spreadsheet were not transferred to the baseline application .
  • Lookup details were not working with Web App Factory projects.

Web App Factory projects can be deployed to Windows 2008 servers without any known issues.

Thursday, December 30, 2010PrintSubscribe
Installation Issues

Code On Time generator is a Windows application that hosts an Internet Explorer web browser within the boundaries of the main window. The code generator navigates to the HTML files stored locally on the hard drive of your computer. HTML files provide interactive user interface of the code generator based on JavaScript. No information is transmitted over the web to our server when you generate your applications. The input and output files of the code generator are stored entirely on your computer.

In a few instances there were reports of the code generator displaying a blank page with Code On Time logo at the top when the generator starts. No other user interface elements were present. Re-installation of the code generator would not help.

The issue has to do with the security settings of Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer allows controlling if execution of the JavaScript embedded into HTML pages is allowed.

The computer has five security zones,  namely:

(0) Local Machine zone,  
(1) Internet,  
(2) Local intranet,
(3) Trusted sites, and
(4) Restricted sites.

However the Internet Explorer user interface allows users to configure only 4 of the 5 security zones using the Internet Explorer interface.

The Local Machine zone (0), is an implicit zone that exists on the local computer, security settings for this zone cannot be configured using the Internet Options Control Panel.

Any configuration done from the Internet Explorer interface have absolutely no effect on enabling scripts to run within Windows Applications on the local computer (a matter which also affects Code On Time code generator).

Steps to Reproduce

If you save the emphasized text below to the file named "Steps to reproduce.reg" and double-click the file to add the file entries to the registry then the script execution in the Local Machine Zone will become disabled. DO NOT DO THAT !!!Winking smile 

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\0]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

Steps to Rectify

If you save the emphasized text presented below to the file "Script Permissions Fix.reg"  and double-click the file to add the file entries to the registry then the script execution in the Local Machine Zone will be allowed. Code On Time generator will start functioning correctly.  

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\0]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]


This information has been provided courtesy of Gabriel Inya-Agha of Quickening Group.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010PrintSubscribe
Web App Factory –Compilation, Browsing, and Subversion Compatibility

Code On Time code generator for ASP.NET/AJAX has been extended to support automatic compilation of Web App Factory projects.

A Web App Factory project is produced as Visual Studio solution with the core application incorporated into a Class Library. The website pages are hosted in WebApp web application project included in the same solution. This type of project is recommended for experienced developers.

The latest release of the code generator automatically compiles and starts the compiled project in a web browser. This feature requires Visual Studio 2010/2008 or Visual Web Developer Express 2010/2008 installed on your computer. This behavior can be disabled in the project wizard on the Web Server page.

Web App Factory projects can be also compiled and started through browser action available on the start page of the code generator next to the name of the project.

Web App Factory projects are now ignoring system folders and files created by Subversion version control software.

The client library has been enhanced to add a supplemental CSS Class name to auto complete component in order to reflect the type of the auto-complete behavior. Classes SearchBar, Filter, AutoComplete, and Lookup and rendered to indicate the type of the auto complete control, which allows creating custom visual presentation of the control. The current version the theme collection does not create any visual distinctions of the four types of auto complete control.