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Tuesday, September 8, 2020PrintSubscribe
September 2020 Hot Fix 1

Release includes the following fixes:

  • (Touch UI) Theme icon fonts are correctly references in the output of the stylsheet compiler when the app is running in the virtual folder.
  • (Framework) Blob on-demand handlers are created when the same handler is also listed in the read-only on-demand field of the child controllers.
  • (AppGen) Restored ability to add ASP.NET Membership and Session State from configuration of the connection string in apps based on Microsoft SQL Server.
  • (Data Aquarium) Simplified implementation of dataView._isActionAvailable method.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020PrintSubscribe
Filled, Outlined, Rounded, and Sharp + SameSite Cookies + NET 4.7.2

Code On Time release introduces support for .NET 4.7.2 both in the app generator and in the application framework. The new projects will target .NET 4.7.2 by default.

The recent versions of Chrome and Edge are enforcing SameSite property of the cookies to be specified. Microsoft has introduced the implementation of SameSite cookie in .NET 4.7.2. The processing of SameSite cookie property is implemented in apps built on .NET 4.7.2 and above. The SameSite property of cookies created by the generated apps is set to "Strict" by default. Make sure to change the target framework of your app from 4.6. to 4.7.2 in Source Code and UI section. The app generator has been recompiled for .NET 4.7.2, which does provide the increased performance when building apps. 

.NET Framework 4.7.2 is now required for the app generator to work.

The material icon library has been upgraded to offer 4 choices - filled (default), outlined, rounded, and sharp icons. Specify the desired icon style for your app in ~/app/touch-setting.json file in ui.theme.icons property.

Here is the list of the enhancements included in this release:

  • (Class Library ) Added hints pointing to the local version of files for ReportViewer binaries.
  • (Touch UI) Input refocus is always canceled when the active input is losing its focus. Re-focus happens when the value of the active input needs to be changed.
  • (Export) Export actions will use the view specified in the Command Argument of the action to produce the data set. If the command argument is empty then the current view will provide the data.
  • (Touch UI) Confirmation controllers do not cause syncing of the "confirmed" view.
  • (Client Library) First row is not passed with the "confirmed" action if there is no selection in the "confirmed" view. If there is a selected row then only that row is passed with the "confirmed" action as values.
  • (Client Library) New method DataView.commandRow() returns the current row that will be affected by any action in the context.
  • (Framework) Array of values is empty when a request to get a page of data is executed while no row is selected.
  • (Touch UI) Menu bar and page header defined in the master are removed from output  with and without authentication.
  • (Framework) Integrated SamSite cookie property handling in the framework. The default value is set to Strict.
  • Removed excessive backup for HTML pages.
Friday, August 7, 2020PrintSubscribe
Adaptive Backup and Performance Boost

Code On Time release introduces the new adaptive backup implementation. Previously the app generator has perform the physical copy of the project files to the backup location. The new supplementation of backup is preserving the files that are being overwritten. This significantly improves the speed of code generation. Get this release to build your projects faster!

The new adaptive backup is designed to work with the upcoming Code On Time v9. 

The following enhancements and bug fixes are also included in the release:

  • (Framework) SQL business rules do not throw the exception "parameter @Context_ is not defined" if the context field value is null. Learn to build confirmation controllers and how to use parameters @Context_ @Parameters_ in your SQL business rules.
  • The app generator will keep 14 days of backups with 100 iterations for each day. Click backups link above the list of the projects to see your backups.
  • (Touch UI) Slide transition of modal forms does not hide the partially visible previous form when the transition starts. This provides a more natural visual flow.
  • (Touch UI) Enhanced calculation of maximum modal width provides for a wider modal page on smaller screens.
  • (Touch UI) Fixed the typo that caused full screen forms to fail.
  • (Class Library) Report Viewer v.15 is correctly linked to  the projects created with the framework packaged in the class library.