Code On Time vs Code Charge

Code On Time vs. Code Charge

Code On Time Generator generates true Web 2.0 web apps that are efficient, fast, and easy to customize. Code Charge also attempts to do this. This page will help you compare the pros and cons of using Code On Time web app generator and Code Charge.

Our generated code is compact while Code Charge creates a bloated output. We have intelligently designed multifunction pages. No proprietary DLLs are needed to run Code On Time applications. Application customization is a breeze with Code On Time Designer and Tools for Excel. Generating applications does not require database modification on your part - nothing will be changed. Code On Time applications have Data Sheet View and Chart View available in all pages. Every page has Quick Find, as well as adaptive filtering options and a search bar. You also have the ability to create an RSS of your sorted and filtered data, as well as export to CSV, TIFF, spreadsheet and word document.

Don't believe us? Read on below for further elaboration, or request a WebEx presentation now! Our free live presentations will be conducted by knowledgeable developers capable of answering most tricky technical questions.

Compact code base
We favor a compact code base to ensure easy customization. Changing the behavior of the generated application is easy, using Code On Time Designer and Designer Spreadsheet. All the code is accessible and can easily be edited with your favorite editor. Code On Time supports multi-core code generation to produce code with lightning speed, making customization quick and painless.
Intelligently designed pages
Code On Time creates multi-functional pages to improve user experience and simplify maintenance. A database of ten tables will translate into ten Code On Time pages. Other rapid application development tools will create more than 40 pages to do the same. Several Code On Time customers were able to create and maintain web applications with more than 300 tables.
Three-level master-detail page
No proprietary DLLs
Code generated by Code On Time does not rely on proprietary DLLs. For example, Azure Factory code generation project available with Code On Time will produce a web application ready for deployment to Windows Azure. Windows Azure Cloud requires a web application deployment package to include everything needed for its execution to ensure that application will scale up and down.
Dynamic Access Control
Code On Time web apps now include Dynamic Access Control Rules, the first component of EASE (Enterprise Application Services Engine). Dynamic Access Control Rules allow easy creation of sophisticated data segmentation rules, making multi-tenant applications simple to develop and maintain. The upcoming components of EASE will make this process even easier.
Customize your web app with ease
The number of customization requests that you receive after deployment is critical to fully appreciate the quality of the produced application. Web applications created with Code On Time generator will shine in this department. Code On Time web apps allow easy extension with SQL, Visual Basic/C#, JavaScript, and Email business rules. Extend user interface with custom user controls.

Using the Project Designer, you can drag and drop project configuration elements to customize your web application.

Dropping all shipping fields onto the 'Shipping Information' category.     All shipping data fields moved into 'Shipping Information' category.

Both beginners and power users will benefit from alternative designer Code On Time Tools for Excel.

Changing the properties for all shipping fields in editForm1 of Orders controller.

No need to modify your database
We will automatically “de-normalize” your database without touching your relational data structures through smart queries. Powerful user-friendly data lookups, search with auto-completion, automatic filtering, paging and sorting are done by your database server in a Code On Time web application.
Windows Azure Cloud
Windows Azure App Factory Hosting and maintaining your own on-premise application setup is difficult. Just setting it up will take lots of time and money, let alone updating and scaling to fit the user's needs. Windows Azure cloud hosting makes this easy - deploy your application to the cloud with Azure Factory. With a few clicks, your application will be protected by firewall, enhanced with load balancer, and running on two extra-small Compute instances. There are no upfront expenses or need to have extensive knowledge - just pay as you go. Look at our tutorial for more info.
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DotNetNuke Module Creation
DotNetNuke App Factory Using a dynamic web portal for your database web applications can dramatically increase flexibility. If you try setting this up on your own, you'll find that this task is not that simple. Instead of building your own portal, why not use the most popular portal software? DotNetNuke can be up and running within minutes. Code On Time's DotNetNuke Factory creates DNN modules that are ready for deployment to your portal. Simply point to your DotNetNuke instance, generate the application, and press deploy. Within a few minutes, you can add your data module to any page. Look at our tutorial for more info.
Excel-style record editing
What would you say if your users were able to edit data in a web browser as if it were Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel? Surely that would be great. Only Code On Time offers an innovative Data Sheet view that works in major browsers and requires no plugins.
Code On Time's Data Sheet View
Find everything you need without customization
Our philosophy is simple - if you have data then there should be a way to find it. Why does one have to define any specific set of fields that users of the application can search by? How about letting your users to search for their data using any combination of field they desire. Read about searching in Code On Time applications. Quick Find, automatic search bars, and adaptive filtering are a part of every data grid. Applications created with other rapid application development tools will require customization every time a new search request on a different combination of fields is coming to your inbox. Other tools cannot match the unlimited search capabilities available to end users of Code On Time applications.
Searching in Code On Time Applications
Export your data, the way you want to
With Code On Time web apps, you have the ability to create unlimited live RSS Feeds with custom user-defined filters that may eliminate the need to write email notifications. Code On Time also makes business data analysis easy. All Code On Time web app pages support a live "Export to Spreadsheet" option with secure user identity verification. Business users can quickly create custom digital dashboards and work with the data without even being required to log in to the website. Being able to take data offline is critical in today's world. Code On Time makes it possible.
Export Data in Code On Time Applications
Complex charting capabilities
Learn about charting support in generated web applications. Can you do that in Code Charge? Definitely not with the same elegance, speed, and user interface finesse.
Charting in Code On Time Applications
Order Form Sample
The screen shot shows a sample Order Form created with Code On Time. You will have a hard time creating a layout of a page as refined as the one in the picture if you try that with Code Charge.
Order Form Sample - view a step-by-step guide that explains how to build the form below.
Order Form Sample With Code On Time Web App Generator
Master-Detail Report - view a step-by-step guide that explains how to build a master-detail report.
A master-detail report for Order Form Sample
The matrix below compares Code On Time and Code Charge features.
Owner Benefits Code On Time Code Charge
Multiple Developer License
Up to 5 developers can register the same activation code.
Community and Ticket-based Technical Support
Unlimited Updates
Source Code
Complete access to all code generation templates included in product edition.
.NET Framework 4.0
Support for the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Multi-Core Code Generation
Use the full power of your computer. Lightning fast code generation is a trademark feature of our web application code generator.  We utilize all logical cores of your computer's processor to perform code generation.
Offline Development Mode
Develop your applications without the need for a permanent Internet connection. The code generator will work when you are “offline”. Build your web apps while you are in the air or enjoying the wilderness.
Synchronizaton Service and Application Lifecycle Management
Developer can share work done in Project Designer through the cloud-based synchronization service. The source code of generated apps can be placed under source of ALM systems, such as Team Foundation Service.
Application Development Code On Time Code Charge
Project Designer
Visually change properties of the project elements in the project design database. Sophisticated user interface allows searching, browsing and editing project definitions in a point-and-click fashion.
Project Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
Modify properties of project elements such as fields, views, categories, controllers, and much more in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
This feature has been phased out. It will be replaced with Code On Time Tools for Excel
Point-and-Click Development
No programming experience is required. Web applications with sophisticated user interface and features are automatically generated based on the project settings. Intuitive project designer will make you productive in no time.
Customization in Visual Studio
Enhance your projects in Microsoft Visual Studio through multiple code generation iterations without losing your changes. Project changes must be done in the project designer or project spreadsheet. Smart partitioning of generated files and custom modifications is accomplished through the use of business rules classes and ASP.NET user controls.
Compact Output
Most real-world projects require some sort of customization. Generated applications are extremely compact and well organized, which assists greatly when customization is needed.
There are no "black-box" DLLs or runtime components that are needed to run a generated application. Every single bit of an application is produced in the source code form.
Multi-Functional Pages
The same page may present data of master and detail records in master-detail layouts of unlimited complexity. Each page allows browsing, searching, filtering, updating, inserting, and deleting of master and detail records.
Native Data Filtering and Paging
All filtering and paging expressions are embedded into SELECT SQL statements for maximum efficiency and speed. We avoid buffering unnecessary data and retrieve precisely the number of records needed for presentation.
Advanced Data Visualization (Charts)
Developers can configure advanced chart views to enable effective data visualization without writing a single line of code. Full customization of the generated data visualizations is also supported.
File Upload / Download
Extended processing of Binary Large Objects allows automatic capturing of File Name, Content Type, and File Size of files stored in the database. Externalized storage of BLOB content is also supported via business rules.
Premium Upload / Download Adapters
Declare virtual binary fields and have their content stored in the file system or Windows Azure Storage. Application framework will automatically store and retrieve the binary content as needed.
Upload / Download Adapter for Amazon S3
Declare virtual binary fields and have their content stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) without writing a single line of code.
Modal Action Confirmation Forms
Collect input parameters for custom actions in Modal Dialogs. Input forms can be configured in minutes. Use collected parameters with SQL or custom actions for processing.
"SQL" Action
Create SQL actions of any complexity. If you are the "SQL person", then you are ready to create modern AJAX web applictions in no time.
Web Application Types Code On Time Code Charge
Web Site Factory
Create an ASP.NET/AJAX web site with navigation system, role-based security, membership manager, built-in data export and reporting, adaptive filtering, advanced search options, and much more. The generated project is managed via the file system folder structure.
Web App Factory
Creates an ASP.NET/AJAX solution composed of a web application project and class library implementing a web site with navigation system, role-based security, membership manager, built-in data export and reporting, adaptive filtering, advanced search options, and much more.
Azure Factory
Create an Azure Cloud solution from your SQL Azure database. Includes a Web Role and class library implementing a web site with navigation system, role-based security, membership manager, built-in data export, reporting, and much more. Have it online in 15 minutes.
DotNetNuke Factory
Creates application pages as controls with data views incorporated in a DotNetNuke module. Registered module can be configured by end users. Integrate a line-of-business database application with a popular open source web content management system in minutes.
SharePoint Factory
Create a collection of application pages implemented as user controls; package them for deployment as Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Feature with a single Web Part. Integrate a line-of-business database application with a widely adopted corporate web content management system.
Data Sources Code On Time Code Charge
No Changes to the Database
Generated web apps do not require any changes to a project database.
Microsoft SQL Server
SAP SQL Anywhere
Mobile Applications Code On Time Code Charge
Responsive Design
User interface of mobile apps automatically adjusts for optimal viewing experience on any client device including smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
Touch-enabled list views with automatic endless scrolling and advanced user-defined configuration simplify interaction with application data on mobile devices.
EASE (Enterprise Application Services Engine) Code On Time Code Charge
Universal Mobile / Desktop Client
If you are building a web app for desktop devices, then you have already created the mobile version of the app. The opposite is true as well. Your app will link pages to a corresponding universal client library to ensure the best possible end-user experience on any device.
"My Account"
Enable automatic linking of a database table record to a user account. A user without a link is instructed to create "My Account" association when signing in the application for the first time. Integrates with ASP.NET Membership.
August, 2014
Access Control Rules
Create declarative access control rules applied uniformly to all data views. Access control rules can be conditional and based on time, user role, or any other criteria. Shared rules can be applied to all business objects.
Dynamic Access Control List
Create dynamic access control rules stored in application database at runtime. Administrative user interface is provided.
August, 2014
Custom Membership and Role Providers
Have your own tables as source of users and roles for custom ASP.NET Membership and Role providers in your application.
URL Hashing
Enforce automatic encryption of data controller URL parameters.
Workflow Register
Create workflows composed of custom data views, action groups, and virtual pages at runtime. Assign workflows to individual users or roles.
August, 2014
Auditing performs automatic updating of fields capturing user identity and date of creation and modification of a data row. Auditing will maintain a detailed event log of changes to the data rows. Track access to records and implement "soft delete" without writing a single line of code.
Workflow Code On Time Code Charge
Dashboards with Task Views
Turn any data controller in a customized task view with complete control over the end-user capabilities. Arrange multiple task views on the application pages to create dashboards reflecting real-life business process workflows.
Virtualization Node Sets
Turn your web application data controllers in the building blocks that are adjusted according to the workflow requirements at runtime. Customize controllers based on arbitrary conditions with the easy-to-configure virtualization node sets.
Page Layouts Code On Time Code Charge
Provides a single data view on each page. A field summary of the selected record is displayed on the side bar.
This master-detail layout will place each data view on a dedicated tab so that only one data view is visible at any time. The details of the selected master record are automatically displayed on the side bar.
This master-detail layout will place master view at the top of the page and all children at the bottom of the page. Each child will be placed on a dedicated tab so that only master and one child data views are visible at any time. The details of the selected master record are automatically displayed on the side bar and stay visible even if the page is scrolled.
This master-detail layout is similar to the tabbed layout with one exception. The tabs are not displayed. A set of tasks named after each data view is displayed at the top of the side bar instead. The details of the selected master record are automatically displayed on the side bar.
This master-detail layout lists all data views. This allows simultaneous access to all master and child records. The details of the selected master record are automatically displayed on the side bar. Stacked pages are usually longer than the height of the window. The side bar summary automatically keeps itself in the view when browser window content is scrolled.
End-User Features of Generated Apps Code On Time Code Charge
Ajax-Enabled User Interface
The application user interface is rendered entirely in the client browser. Generated web applications are responsive and provide a fluid end-user experience equal to those of traditional desktop apps.
Data Sheet View
Users can edit data in a spread-sheet fashion using the same key strokes that are supported in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. The data sheet view is compatible with all major browsers and requires no plugins. The menu item under Actions option in action bar of each list view allows switching between standard and data sheet modes.
Modal Form Views
Modal data views without details and detail data views automatically present forms in modal popup panels.
Sorting and Paging
Quickly sort and page data sets of any size. The application data acess layer efficiently retreives the exact amount of data needed for display at the moment.
Automatic Tracking of Selected Record
Automatic Search Bars
Automatic search bar is available in all multi-record data views. Users can search data using multiple field combinations with type-ahead and data type sensitive search functions, such as Next Week, Last Year, Ends With, etc.
Adaptive Filtering
Adaptive filtering allows efficent narrowing of the data scope by selecting available data samples in fly-over menus of column headers.
Multiple Value Filtering
The form of adaptive filtering that allows multiple filtering values applied to any column in a grid view. Requires zero programming.
Quick Find With Multiple Words
Enhanced multi-column quick find feature allows finding records that match each word in a search sample.
Search by First Letter
Enable adaptive search by first letter with a click of a button in any data view of your web application.
History (MRU)
Interactive history of most recent used data objects allows users to work with several objects by instantly switching between them to adjust the workflow.
Users can instantly create data bookmarks (permalinks), which can be stored and exchanged for secure access to the bookmarked master records. Multi-functional pages of your application will automatically detect permalinks and adjust their behavior accordingly to select the master record when requested.
Conditional CSS Styling
Define declarative rules to assign conditional CSS styles to individual data rows displayed in grid views.
Dynamic Lookups
Unique implementation of lookups presents users with optional AJAX-enabled popup modal panels that offer quick find, paging, sorting, and adaptive filtering to speed up data selection.
Cascading Lookups
Configure sophisticated cascading lookup scenarios without writing a single line of code with full support for numerous styles of lookup fields, including auto-complete and dynamic lookup windows.
Global Annotations
Global annotations allow end-users to associate multiple text notes and file attachments with any data record. No database changes are required. This feature can be optionally enabled on individual data sets.
Multiple Row Selection
Users can select multiple rows in grid views. The selection spans multiple pages of records. The default operation supported with multiple row selection is Delete. Custom actions can take advantage of multiple row selection.
In-Place Row Editing
Users can edit grid view rows in-place with grid cells automatically adjusted to fit to the current available space on the page creating a desktop-like experience.
In-Place Row Creation
Users can insert new grid view rows in-place without loosing the view of existing records visible in the grid at the moment.
Batch Editing
Batch (mass) editing allows changing properties of multiple records based on one edit sample. Requires multiple row selection to be enabled.
Aggregates such as SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, are automatically executed and displayed in a dedicated grid row when requested. All aggregates are sensitive to the user-defined adaptive filers.
Data Summary
Side bar displays a summary of a selected record. If the page scrolls then the summary stays visible, which allows users to know the context of a selected record at all times. The summary is also displayed if selected record is located on an invisible tab.
Relationship Explorer
Lookup fields provide automatic intelligent links that will navigate end user to the multi-functional pages and select the referenced master record.
Automatic Reports
Automatically generated Report option is available on the action bar of data views. Print data reports in PDF, Excel, and TIFF format. Reports automatically take into account all user defined filters and sort order.
CSV Export
Users can export records presented in any data view in CSV format by selecting Download option from the Actions menu on the view's action bar.
RSS Data Feeds
Users can create an RSS feed of any recordset by selecting a menu option in Actions menu. The RSS feed reader will automatically notify end users when data has changed. The link to the live data is included into each RSS item.
Bulk Import
Import records in bulk from CSV, XLS, and XLSX files. Import dialog allows end-user driven field mapping and downloadable import file template. Import process automatically matches foreign key IDs to their text representation.
Form Navigator
Users can navigate to next and previous records in form views without being required to return to the page with the list of records. Form navigator automatically uses the same filters and sort order that are applied to the list view.
Rich Text
Extensible rich text editing can be enabled with a single setting on any field.
Globalization and Localization Code On Time Code Charge
Full support for world cultures including date and time, calendar, numeric, and currency formats. Your application code may use one culture for the server side business logic and a different culture for presentation.
Automatic localization of all standard application resources in your local language. Elegant localization system requires minimal maintenance.
Multiple Cultures / Languages
Support any number of languages with the same code base. The application framework offers easy-to-use localization of static resources and simple API to render localized messages produced by your custom business rules.
Automatic Translation
Wrap localization brackets around any text. Web application code generator will perform full translation in all languages supported by your application.
Language Detection
Automatic detection of supported culture/language. If the client browser culture is supported by your  app then the appropriate localized resources are utilized to render the pages without user involvement.
Language Selector
Membership bar offers a list of languages supported in your application with native names presented to application users. User selection is automatically memorized and maintained with a sliding expiration.
Browser Support Code On Time Code Charge
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Membership / User Management Code On Time Code Charge
ASP.NET Membership
Integrated ASP.NET Membership can be enabled in most projects.
Standalone ASP.NET Membership Database
Point-and-click configuration of a dedicated ASP.NET Membership database for your applications.
Active Directory Membership and Roles
Application can be configured to perform user authentication by a Microsoft Active Directory server. User roles are derived from Active Directory groups defined by server administrator.
Membership Bar
Unique AJAX-enabled membership bar offers fly-over login dialog, logout link, login status information, and access to integrated help system.
User/Role Manager
Advanced user and role management tool with high performance user interface allows easy management of site membership. Works on top of ASP.NET Membership.
Dedicated Login Page
You can elect to use a dedicated login page instead of the fly-over login dialog on the membership bar.
"Remember Me" Option
Login dialog offers optional "Remember me" option to speed up login process for frequent users of your web application.
Password Recovery
Optional password recovery based on ASP.NET Membership is offered to end users of your application to handle lost/forgotten passwords.
Self Sign-Up
Optional self sign-up can be offered to the end users of your applications. Users will request creation of their own accounts. Administrator can subscribe to an RSS feed of accounts waiting approval and issue approval upon receiving a notification.
"My Account" Option
Optional "My Account" dialog is accessible from any application page through a link on a membership bar. Users can reset their password, change email, and password recovery question.
Declarative Security Code On Time Code Charge
Secure access to the pages of generated applications is controlled by standard ASP.NET security infrastructure based on roles.
Standard ASP.NET roles are used to control who is allowed to read/write field values in data views. If "read" or "write" role(s) are specified then a field is automatically hidden from presentation or becomes read-only when presented to unauthorized users.
Standard ASP.NET roles are controlling availability of user interface actions presented as links, menu options, push buttons, tool bar buttons, etc.
Idle User Detection
Declare an idle user timeout and a semi-transparent screen with a login prompt will be placed automatically over any website page of your application if an authenticated user has not been using mouse or keyboard in the browser window longer than the timeout value.
Business Rules Code On Time Code Charge
SQL Business Rules
A web application data controller can define sophisticated SQL Business Rules that are automatically engaged during the lifecycle of an application. The rules are written in the SQL dialect supported by the database engine (T-SQL, PL-SQL, etc).
Java Script Business Rules
An application data controller can define powerful JavaScript Business Rules to perform validation and required interactions with the user. The rules are written in JavaScript to execute in the client web browser.
Custom Result Sets
Use stored procedures or web services to create custom result sets with output caching.
Many-to-Many Fields
Point-and-click implementation of many-to-many fields without writing a single line of code.
Global Logging
Shared Business Rules class can provide a single point of logging of application-wide events including row-level data insertion, updates, and deletion.  You can also implement automatic markup of record-level access and modification.
Custom Actions With Parameters
Support for custom input forms to collect action parameters from application users.
Professional User Interface Themes Code On Time Code Charge
Theme Collection
Offers a collection of professionally designed user interface themes.
User Interface Customization Code On Time Code Charge
Custom User Controls
Enance automatically generated pages with custom users controls that blend into the user interface themes
Tall And Wide Pages
Make your pages "tall" and "wide" when needed to maximize the use of page real estate.
Custom Form Templates
Create custom form templates to override the standard form layouts.
Custom Grid Templates
Define custom layout of grid rows to create form-style view of records edited in grids
3-rd Party Controls
Freely use controls from commercially available libraries. Requires Web.Config modification instructions.
Custom Search Bars
Create custom search bars displayed above grid views to provide custom search parameters.
Automatically generated data access classes suport ObjectDataSource architecture and allow using 3-rd party controls and standard ASP.NET components to build custom user interface forms.
ControllerDataSource is a data source component that provides extermely simplifed configuration while offering the same features and benefits that available with ObjectDataSource.
Logo and Footer
Quickly customize logo and footer of a generated web application.
Site Navigation System
Extend and re-define the navigation system of generated applictions. Unlimited number of menu levels is supported. Include links to external web sites and applications.
Wizards and Status Bars
Create advanced wizard-style form views with dynamic status bar making it easy to understand the workflow of a business process.
Reporting Code On Time Code Charge
Built-in Reporting
Automatic reporting is available for every data object of an application. A standard report template is applied to a data controller definition at runtime to create a report design file on the fly. One configurable template handles all reporting needs. A view of data can be captured in PDF, Word, Excel, or TIFF format with the exact user-defined sort order and filters.
Configurable Report Template
A standard report template is included with the source code of a generated web app. Developers can quickly customize the template to affect the format of automatic reports.
Custom Master-Detail Reports
Create complex custom master-detail reports using the application data controllers. A single data controller output can be turned in a custom master-detail report using Simple Filtering method. Multiple sets of data can be arranged in a master-detail report by using Multi-Level Grouping method.
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