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Client Script

Client Script actions allow execution of arbitrary JavaScript code. For example, an action with command name Client Script can select a page of data that contains a specific record in response to user actions. This example takes advantage of automatic tracking of selected records supported by the application framework.

The Employees table of the Northwind sample has a foreign key column ReportsTo that references the table itself. Code On Time generator automatically creates a master-detail relationship on the Employees page. Let’s configure an action on the Employees data controller to select a specific record in the master view.

Employees page with Employees master and child data views.

There are two data views on the Employees page hooked to the Employees controller. Let’s tag the top view as a “master list” of employees.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, double-click on Employees / container1 / view1 node.

View1 on Employees page.

Change the following properties:

Property New Value
Tag MasterList
Page Size 3

Press OK to save the data view.

Next, add an action to perform synchronization of the master list with a specific EmployeeID. Right-click on Customers / container1 / view1 / Actions / ag1 (Grid) node, and select New Action.

New Action in ag1 action group of Employees controller.

Give this action the following properties:

Property Value
Command Name Client Script
Command Argument
Web.DataView.find('MasterList', 'Tag').sync(this.fieldValue('EmployeeID'))
Header Text Show in Master List

Press OK to save the action. On the toolbar, select Browse button.

On the Employees page, select Andrew Fuller from the list. An Employees child data view will open underneath. Activate the context menu for Steven Buchanan and select Show in Master List option.

Fuller employee selected in the master Employees data view. Context menu option 'Show in Master List' selected for Buchanan employee in the child data view.

The master data view will move to the page that contains Steven Buchanan with the corresponding row selected. The child data view will refresh showing employees reporting to Mr. Buchanan.

Using the context menu for Robert King, select Show in Master List.

Buchanan focused in the master data view. 'Show in Master List' context menu option for employee King in the child data view.

Robert King will be selected on the third page of the master view.

King employee focused in the master data view.