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Quick Find

The simplest method to search for data in Code On Time web applications is Quick Find.

Quick Find is located on the left side of the action bar above grid views. It allows searching for values in the visible fields. The application will split the search text by spaces and use each word as a filtering parameter when executing a query.

Quick Find text box on the action bar of Code On Time web application

For example, let’s find any customer that contains the text “owner”. Enter the text in the Quick Find, and press Enter on your keyboard. You can see that we now have a list of records that contain “owner” in the Contact Title field.

Search results for 'owner' in Customers grid view

Let’s find all owners in Mexico. In the Quick Find box, type “owner mexico”, and press Enter on your keyboard. This will fetch a shorter list. All data rows will contain both words in the fields. For example, “owner” is found in Contact Title, and “mexico” is found in Country.

The screenshot shows the search result for 'owner mexico'.

The order of words in the query does not matter. For example, search for “france owner”. The search will find all three owners from France.

Search results for 'France owner' in Customers grid view

You can also search for numeric values in any field of the record. Switch to the Products page, and search for “40”. The first product has “40” in Units On Order. The second product has a Unit Price of “40”. The third product has “40” in Quantity Per Unit.

Search results for '40' in Products grid view

Numbers and words can be mixed in the search query. Search for “40 biscuit”. The search query found two records that have those parameters.

Search results for '40 biscuit' in Products grid view

The user input is never incorporated in the SQL text, eliminating possibility of an SQL Injection attack. Search for “drop database”. No records will be found, and the database will not be dropped. The application framework will include parameter names in the query and pass the user-entered criteria as parameter values.

SQL injection attack by searching for 'drop database' is ineffective

You can clear any filter by either clicking on the “x” icon on the right side of the filter detail bar, or by clicking on the filter description.

Clear filter by clicking on the text of the filter description in Code On Time web app

Developers can also configure “hidden” fields to participate in the Quick Find.