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Email Business Rules

Integrated email notifications are an absolute necessity in line-of-business web applications.

Developer can define Email Business Rules in application data controllers.


Email notifications will be sent out automatically in response to user actions.

Here is the sample script of an email business rule.

Host: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 587
UserName: YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS@gmail.com
Password: PASSWORD
EnableSSL: true

From: "Sales Admin" <YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS@gmail.com>
To: RECEIPIENT@northwind.com
Subject: Customer "{CompanyName}" has been signed up!

Please call {ContactName}, {ContactTitle} at {Phone} to make introductions.


Create a new customer record in Northwind sample.

Adding a new customer record in Northwind sample created with Code On Time web application generator for ASP.NET, Windows Azure, DotNetNuke, and Microsoft SharePoint

The recipient specified in the email business rule will receive a message. This is how the notification message may look in Gmail.


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