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This collection of video tutorials will help you take advantage of great features available to application developers and end users of web applications created with our intelligent code generator for ASP.NET/AJAX.
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User Guide
Download the complete User Guide (9355K) 03/20/2011
Azure Factory
Learn how to create an Azure account, make a new database with SQL Azure, generate an Azure Factory application, and deploy this application to the cloud.
Read (3526K)
DotNetNuke Factory
Learn how to create a DotNetNuke website, generate a DotNetNuke Factory project, and deploy the project as a module to DotNetNuke.
Read (2109K)
MySQL Web Applications in Minutes
Generate powerful and user-friendly line-of-business web applications straight from your MySQL database. This article covers installation of Code On Time Generator, generation of an advanced web application, and examination of some of the available features.
Read (1582K)
Generating Your First Application with SQL Server
Learn how to create an ASP.NET 4.0 / AJAX web application with Code On Time Generator. We will create two database tables, Jobs and Employees, using Microsoft Visual Studio, and then generate a modern web application using Code On Time Generator.
Searching in Code On Time Applications
One of the most important functions in any database application is the ability to find data quickly and easily. In Code On Time applications, there are many different ways to find the data you need.
Read (952K)
Now that you have your advanced Code On Time application ready to go, learn how to deploy it to your server.
Read (1671K)
Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010
Learn how to prepare your workstation or server for use with SharePoint Factory by installing SharePoint Foundation 2010.
Read (1159K)
Globalization and Localization
Learn about the advanced Globalization and Localization abilities available in Code On Time Generator.
Read (904K)
Setting Up Help
Learn how to implement a Help system in your Code On Time web application.
Read (904K)
URL Hashing
Learn how to use URL Hashing to protect your application from external commands.
Read (814K)
Applications Using Multiple Databases
Learn how to create an application that will handle multiple data sources.
Read (1060K)
Part 1: Using the Project Wizard
Namespace Page
Learn how to use the Namespace Page in the Project Wizard. See how changing the namespace affects database application. Also discusses ASP.NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0 generation.
Read (501K)
Database Connection Page
Learn how to use the Database Connection Page in the Project Wizard to connect to your SQL Server or Oracle Database. Also covers selecting database tables and views.
Read (502K)
Business Logic Layer Page - Part 1
Learn how to use the Business Logic Layer page in the Project Wizard to create database views, plan for code customization, customize CRUD methods, and how to use code objects.
Read (614K)
Business Logic Layer Page - Part 2
See how to use Discovery Depth, De-Normalization Field Map, Relationship Discovery (Virtual Foreign Keys), System and Hidden Fields, and Custom Labels to alter the baseline application and affect the construction process.
Read (735K)
Membership Page
Learn how to create effective membership security in your ASP.NET / AJAX web application. From dedicated login page to standalone membership database, this tutorial will explain it all.
Read (927K)
Layout Page
Learn about the different kinds of layouts available in Code On Time Generator. See examples of simple, tabbed, classic, inline, and stacked layouts.
Read (962K)
Themes Page
Learn more about Themes in Code On Time Generator. See examples of each theme, and how to use them for your own ASP.NET/AJAX web application.
Read (107K)
Part 2: Using the Designer
Now that you have your advanced Code On Time application ready to go, learn how to deploy it to your server.
Read (1671K)
Conversion and Validation of User Input
Convert and validate field values entered by the user using business rules.
Read (657K)
Data Sheet View
Learn about the spreadsheet style Data Sheet View, and how to customize your Code On Time application to best use this view.
Making Database Views Updatable
Learn how to add editing capabilities to your database views using Code On Time Designer.
Read (520K)
User Controls
Create custom ASP.NET User Controls in your Web Site Factory application.We will create a page and add four ASP.NET User Controls arranged in two rows.
Read (1152K)
Adding External Links
Learn how to extend the navigation system of your application with links to external web sites and how to force the external link to be displayed in a new window.
Read (768K)
Search Mode Property
Control which fields are displayed or hidden in the search bar with the Search Mode property.
Read (915K)
Wizards and Status Bars
Learn how to implement a wizard view in your Code On Time application. Also covers use of status bars.
Read (1332K)
Custom Logo and Footer
Learn how to customize your header and footer, and use your own icon in the header.
Read (852K)
Modifying User Interface with CSS
Learn how Code On Time applications rely on CSS to provide presentation elements, and how to manipulate it.
Read (725K)
Conditional CSS Styling
Use the Designer to automatically apply custom CSS styles to rows with specific attributes based on the field values.
Read (617K)
Conditional Visibility of Fields and Categories
Learn how to change the visibility of fields and categories based on specified conditions.
Read (884K)
Form Category Rendering Modes
Learn how to manipulate categories, implement standard and compact rendering modes, and how to utilize floating fields, two columns, and a tabbed presentation.
Read (1318K)
Tall and Wide Pages
Learn how to maximize the real estate of a page and eliminate some standard page elements.
Read (677K)
Cascading Lookups
Learn how to set up a complicated data lookup scenario, such as a cascading lookup.
Read (898K)
Part 3: Using the Designer Spreadsheet
Use Excel to Build ASP.NET/AJAX Apps
Learn to use Microsoft Excel (requires Premium subscription) to create modern ASP.NET/AJAX database web applications. We will demonstrate how to modify data field layouts in grid views, configure a floating data field layout for a form view, set up a virtual many-to-many field, and activate auto-completion.
Read (2753K)

Order Form Sample
This tutorial shows how to build a modern ASP.NET AJAX web application implementing a master-detail order form. Demonstrates modal popups, master-detail views, multi-field lookup, calculated fields, and business rules.
Contact Management System
Build and customize a full-fledged Contact Management System, complete with charts, calculated fields, and much more.
Read (1375K)
Appointment Manager
Learn to create an Appointment Manager application that automatically selects a salesman based on past assignments.
Read (1375K)
CreatedBy, CreatedOn, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn
Learn to add tracking of user activity in your Web Site Factory application using Code On Time Designer.
Read (2862K)
Access Control Rules
Learn to control access of data in your application using Access Control Rules.
Read (1032K)
Custom Reports
Create custom reports from your database using Visual Studio.
Read (1361K)
Many-to-Many Fields
We will show you how to set up a many-to-many field derived from a junction table and lookup in under three minutes without writing a single line of code in ASP.NET+AJAX web application generated with Code OnTime Generator and Web Site Factory premium project.
Read (670K)
Sending an Email in Response to Actions
Learn how to send an email to a single or multiple recipients in response to user actions. Implement custom workflows with the same pattern by responding to actions initiated by web applicaton users.
Read (836K)
Data Controller URL Parameters
Learn how to construct simple URL actions to open a multiple-purpose page.
Read (547K)
Using $external() Function in Filter Expressions
Use the $external() function to access values in the URLs of pages and values of fields listed in the Context Fields property.
Read (651K)
Universal Lookup
Learn to configure a universal lookup functionality to provide extensible data structures for your web applications. We will provide an overview of typical universal lookup architecture and show a practical implementation.
Read (1031K)
Now that you have your advanced Code On Time application ready to go, learn how to deploy it to your server.
Read (1671K)
Role-based Security
Learn how to use Code On Time Designer to apply role-based security for your pages, fields, and actions in web applications created using Code On Time Generator.
Read (569K)
Row-Level Security
Learn to implement row-level security in ASP.NET + AJAX web applications created with Code On Time generator by using either the Designer or the Designer Spreadsheet. We will show how to create views with Base View Id, Virtual View Id, and Override When properties to present a custom data view to a user with a specific role. We will also configure view filters to limit user access to subset of available sales orders.
Read (1446K)
Standalone ASP.NET Membership Database
Learn to configure a standalone membership database.
Read (605K)
Mixed Authentication
Learn to implement a mixed authentication based on the ASP.NET Membership option available in the Code On Time database web application.
Read (431K)
Creating Master Detail Pages
Learn to create multi-level master-detail pages in your Web Site Factory application. In this example we will create a 3-level master-detail page layout that links customers, orders, and order details, as well as group tabbed data views.
Read (1086K)
Creating Charts
Learn to render your data in a Chart in your Web Site Factory application. Chart View supports many end-user features including sorting and adaptive filtering.
Read (1217K)

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