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  RESTful Application Server

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RESTful Application Server

Code On Time applications may include a built-in application server. The application server components of a generated app allow extending web apps with custom clients implemented on virtually any modern platform. The clients issue REST requests to the application server to perform CRUD operations when allowed by the web app configuration.

For example, one can create a static HTML page that allows submission of application data by anonymous users.

An HTML form configured to POST data to web app created with Code OnTime

A desktop application implemented as a Native Windows Client can browse and search data of a web app.

A native Windows Client allows searching and browsing product data managed by a web app created with Code On Time

A custom user control can be  jQuery-enabled to perform CRUD request to the web app.  This provides ultimate flexibility when implementing custom user interface.

A jQuery-enabled User Control can interact with the application server built-in the web app for ultimate flexibility when implementing custom user interface

The application sever supports cross-domain CRUD operations. This makes possible creating an entire data access layer with business rules and dynamic access control rules in the foundation of an application. The user interface of the app can be completely custom made and reside on different server if needed.