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This is a typical view of controllers in a project.

Typical view of controllers in Tools for Excel.

Consult the following table when entering property values:

Property Description
Name This is the name of the data controller. If changed, the original data controller will be deleted. Rename the controller instead.
Conflict Detection Valid values are “Overwrite Changes”, “Compare All Values”.
Connection String Name Specify a connection string name if the controller is working with the database other than the one selected for this project.
Handler Specify the name of a business rules class that can be extended to respond to the controller actions.
Annotations Specify if free form notes and attachments can be assigned to any data row by end-users at run-time.
Status Bar

The status bar is displayed in form views to provide a visualization of the Status field.

Representational State Transfer (REST) Configuration Defines settings for the REST application server.
BLOB Adapter Configuration Defines the BLOB Adapter configuration.