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Search on Start

By default, grid and data sheet views will open the first page of records.

Suppliers grid view showing the first page of suppliers.

If the number of records is small, then it works great. If the number of records is very large, then it is pointless to display the first page before the users specify what they are looking for. The data view can be configured to not request any records and have Advanced Search Bar open by default.

Start the Project Designer. Double-click on Region / Suppliers / container1 / view1 data view node.

'View1' on Suppliers page of Project Explorer.

Change the following property:

Property New Value
Search On Start True

Press OK to save the data view, and click on Browse to generate the web application.

When the web page opens in the browser, navigate to the Suppliers page. The data view will open in search mode.

Suppliers grid view opened in search mode with Advanced Seearch Bar displayed and no records requested.

You can pull the first page of data by pressing the Search button without specifying any search parameters. If you enter parameters, then the matching records will show up.

Pressing 'Search' on the search bar will request the first page of records.

If the search bar is disabled, then the Quick Find will be available to enter the initial search criteria.

Search On Start allows users to enter criteria in the Quick Find if Advanced Search Bar is unavailable.