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Auto Highlight First Row

The following screen shot shows the automatically generated page Suppliers from the Northwind sample. If you navigate to the page and sort or filter records then only the master data view Suppliers is visible.

Standard master/detail page 'Suppliers' in the 'Northwind' sample created with Code On Time web application generator

Click on any data row and it will become highlighted. Linked detail records will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Linked 'Products' are displayed if a user clicks on a master row of 'Suppliers' view

Sometimes it may be desirable to highlight the first row in the master view automatically.

Start the application generator, click on the project name, choose Design, and select the master data view of the page in Project Explorer.

Data view selected in Project Explorer

Check the box labeled “Auto Highlight First Row” under the Presentation section of the data view properties and click OK.

'Auto Highlight First Row' property of a data view

Click Browse button on the tool bar to view the page in the web browser.

The very first visible row will be automatically highlighted. Linked details will be displayed as well.

The initial state of the page loaded in a web browser if 'Auto Highlight First Row' property of the master view is enabled