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Auto Hide

The Auto Hide property is used to hide child data views or containers when a master record has not been selected.


Let’s create a page that will contain two data views: Customers and Orders. The orders will be filtered by the selected customer.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer toolbar, click on the New Page icon.

Creating a new page.

Assign a name to the page.

Property Value
Name Auto Hide Test

Press OK to save the page. In the Project Explorer, drop the new page node on the right side of Home node to place it second in the menu.

Moving Auto Hide Test page.

Switch to the Controllers tab. Hold down Ctrl key, and click on Customers and Orders data controller nodes. Right-click, and press Copy.

Copying Customers and Orders data controller nodes.

Switch back to the Pages tab. Right-click on Auto Hide Test page, and press Paste. The controllers will be instantiated as data views in individual containers.

Pasting onto 'Auto Hide Test' page.     Two data views instantiated from the pasted data controllers.

Double-click on Auto Hide Test / c102 / view2 (Orders) node. Make the following changes:

Property Value
View grid1
Filter Source view1
Filter Field #1 CustomerID
Auto Hide Self

Press OK to save. On the toolbar, press Browse.

Navigate to the Auto Hide Test page. Note that only a list of customers is visible on the page.

Only master data views is visible on the page.

When a customer is selected, the filtered list of orders is displayed underneath.

When master record is selected, the child view is displayed.


When there are multiple child data views in a single container or tabs, it is advisable to hide the whole container instead.

In the Project Explorer, double-click on Auto Hide Test / c102 / view2 (Orders, grid1) –> view1 node.

Node view1 in container c102 of page Auto Hide Test.

Change the following values:

Property New Value
Activator Tab
Text Orders

Save the data view. Browse the web app – notice that the tab element is not hidden when no customer is selected.

The tab element is not hidden.

The data view will appear when a master record is selected.

Data view is shown when master record is selected.

Switch back to the Project Designer, and change Auto Hide to “Container”.

Property New Value
Auto Hide Container

Press OK to save, and press Browse. The tab element will now be hidden.

Tab element is now hidden.

Note that if the master view is in the same container as the child view, an Auto Hide of “Container” will hide both views.