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This is a typical view of actions in a project.

Typical view of actions in a project.

Consult the following table when entering property values:

Property Description
Action Group The ID of the action group that the action belongs to.
Causes Validation When Causes Validation is enabled, the form will be validated when the action is activated.
Command Argument The Command Argument is used to modify the command. For standard Select, Edit, Update commands, specifying a view Id will perform the action in that view. For other actions, the argument can be used as a tag.
Command Name The Command Name determines the behavior that will occur when the action is activated. If command name is not specified then the action is presented as a break line in the action group popup menu.
Confirmation When not blank, Confirmation will display a confirmation window with the specified text. It may also used to call a modal form.
Controller Displays the parent controller.
CSS Class Specify a CSS class to assign to the action.

Specify Data for the SQL, Report, or or Custom action. Application framework will use this information when processing the action.

Description The Description will be displayed under the Header Text on actions in a menu on the action bar.
Header Text The Header Text will be displayed on the action. If not specified, the Command Name will be used.
ID The unique identifier of the action.
Roles List roles allowed to execute this action in Roles. Role check is performed on the server and precedes the action conditions.
When Client Script When Client Script is a JavaScript expression that will display the action if it evaluates to true.
When HRef When HRef will display the action when the specified regular expression matches the page URL. If you would like to have a negative match then put "false:" without double quotes in front of the expression.
When Key Selected If When Key Selected is enabled, the action will only displayed when a record is selected.
When Last Command Argument When Last Command Argument will only display the action if the previous action has the specified command argument.
When Last Command Name When Last Command Name will only display the action if the previous action has the specified command name.
When Tag When Tag will display the action when the view Tag is matched by the regular expression.
When View When View will display the action when the regular expression matches the view.