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Categories organize data fields in form views. Categories do not apply to other types of views.

Category Properties:

Property Description
Collapsed Specifies that the category will render as collapsed when the form is opened.
Controller Displays the controller that the category belongs to.
Description Specifies the text displayed underneath the header.
Floating Specifies that the data fields will float freely within the category.
Header Text Specifies the text displayed above the category.
Id Specifies the unique identifier for the category.
New Column Specifies that the category will start a new column. If disabled, it will start in a new row.
Tab Specifies the text of the tab that the category will belong to. If blank, no tabs will be displayed.
View Displays the view that the category belongs to.
Visible When Specifies a JavaScript expression. When it evaluates to true, the category will be displayed.

Learn to work with categories in the Project Designer.

Learn to drag and drop categories in the Project Explorer.

Common Tasks:

Property Description
Custom Category Template Learn to create a custom layout within a specific category.