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When Client Script

Suppose that you have implemented the Order Form Sample with transactions using a “Status” field. The Status will partition “draft” orders from “committed” orders. However, the user may still navigate to the Orders page and change the values and details of a committed order.

Committed order values can be changed on the 'Orders' page.

Let’s prevent users from activating any Edit action when the Status field is set to “Committed”. This will be implemented with the help of “When Client Script” property. When the specified JavaScript expression evaluates to true, the action will be displayed. When it evaluates to false, the action will be hidden.

Adding Status Field

First, the Status field must be added to the controller so that the field value can be used in the JavaScript expression. Start the web application generator, and click on the project name. Press Refresh, and check the box next to Orders controller. Press Refresh, and confirm.

Refreshing the Orders controller.

On the Summary page, click on Design to activate the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Controllers tab and expand Orders / Fields node. Drop Status (String(50)) node onto Orders / Views / grid1. The field will be instantiated as a data field in the view.

Dropping 'Status' field onto 'grid1' view of Orders controller.     Data field for 'Status' created in 'grid1' view.

Double-click on Orders / Fields / Status (String(50)) node.

Status field of Orders controller.

Mark the field as hidden.

Property New Value
The field is hidden from users. true

Press OK to save.

Hiding Edit Fields

In the Project Explorer, double-click on Orders / Actions / ag1 (Grid) / a2 – Edit action node.

Action 'a2 - Edit' of action group 'ag1'.

Make the following change:

Property New Value
When Client Script
[Status] != 'Committed'

Press OK to save.

Make the same change to Orders / Actions / ag2 (Form) / a1 – Edit action node, and Orders / Actions / ag4 (ActionBar) – Edit/Delete / a1 – Edit, editForm1 action node.

Two Edit actions highlighted in Orders controller.

Viewing the Results

On the Project Explorer toolbar, press Browse. Navigate to Customers | Orders page.

Note that the Edit action is no longer available on the action bar or in the row context menu.

Edit actions on context menu and action bar are no longer available.

In addition, the form will no longer have an Edit button.

Edit button is no longer present in the form.