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When Last Command Name

Actions in the Code On Time user interface are displayed based on several conditions. When the conditions are fulfilled, the action is displayed. The When Last Command Name condition will only display an action when the previous action matches the specified command name. If When Last Command Name is null, the action will be displayed if Select action or no action is performed and the other conditions are matched.

For example, when a Customers record is selected, the Edit, Delete, and Close actions are displayed. New Customers action is available on the action bar, as well as Actions and Report dropdowns.

Edit, Delete, and Close actions displayed when a record is selected.

When the Edit action is activated, the buttons are replaced by OK, Delete, and Cancel. The action bar only has one dropdown, Record.

OK, Delete, and Cancel actions displayed when a record is edited.

Note that all reporting actions have been hidden. Let’s add another Report action what will only be displayed after Edit action has been performed.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Controllers tab. Right-click on Customers / Actions / ag7 (ActionBar) – Report node, and press New Action.

Creating a new action for Customers controller.

Assign the following values:

Property Value
Command Name Report (PDF)
Header Text Create a report
When Last Command Name Edit
Description Creates a PDF report when editing a record.

Press OK to save the action. On the toolbar, press Browse.

Navigate to Customers page and select a record. The new Report action is not displayed.

The new Report action is not yet displayed on the action bar.

Start editing the record. The new action will appear as the only option in the Report dropdown.

When Edit action is triggered, the new Report action is displayed.