Code On Time vs Caspio

Code On Time vs. Caspio
Most web app generators give you a tool to create specific pages and choose settings for each and every page. While they may save time compared to writing the code yourself, it is still time consuming to learn the intricacies of the tool.
Enter Code On Time web app generator. This tool stands out from the others by creating a full featured web app without any effort on your part. Point to your database and press Generate. In minutes you'll have an AJAX integrated web app with sorting, adaptive filtering, searching, charting, reporting, data sheet view, and much more. You can immediately deploy this application to your preferred hosting service (and even to the cloud). If necessary, Code On Time Generator has a host of tools to customize your web app to fit your needs.
Code On Time web app generator creates true Web 2.0 web apps that are efficient, fast, and easy to customize. Caspio also attempts to do this, with much effort on your part. The picture below compares a freshly generated Code On Time web app with one of Caspio's massaged applications. View our demos in action.
Code On Time Web App Generator vs Caspio
Code On Time ASP.NET 3.5/4.0 code is generated in C# or Visual Basic.NET, de facto industry standards. Caspio uses proprietary tools. Code On Time web apps do not require any proprietary tools - use industry standard SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLAnywhere, DB2, PostgreSQL, or SQL Azure to host your database. Caspio uses their proprietary database storage to hold your data. Code On Time applications have Data Sheet View and Chart View available in all pages. For comparison, view our short video series on how to build a full featured web app from scratch. Every page has Quick Find, as well as adaptive filtering options and a search bar. You also have the ability to create an RSS of your sorted and filtered data, as well as export to CSV, TIFF, spreadsheet and word document.
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Intelligently designed pages
Caspio requires you to design and create "task" oriented pages (separate pages for editing, searching, adding records, etc). We instantly generate multi-functional pages to improve user experience and simplify maintenance. A database of ten tables will translate into ten Code On Time pages. Caspio will require you to create more than 40 pages to do the same. Several Code On Time customers were able to create and maintain web applications with more than 300 tables. Code On Time will automatically create multi-function pages such as the one in the picture below, with no effort on your part. For comparison, see this six minute video on how to create a single Caspio web form.
Three-level master-detail page
Dynamic access control
Code On Time web apps now include Access Control Rules, the first component of EASE (Enterprise Application Services Engine). Access Control Rules allow easy creation of sophisticated data segmentation rules, making multi-tenant applications simple to develop and maintain. The upcoming components of EASE will make this process even easier.
Customize your web app with ease
The number of customization requests that you receive after deployment is critical to fully appreciate the quality of the produced application. Web applications created with Code On Time generator will shine in this department. Use Code On Time Designer (shown below) for a point-and-click approach to customization. Code On Time web apps also allow easy extension with business logic classes and custom user controls - you can use your favorite code editing program, such as Visual Studio. Caspio gives you proprietary tools to write your code. Alternatively, you can spend your time with Caspio clicking through wizards.

Using the Project Designer, you can drag and drop project configuration elements to customize your web application.

Dropping all shipping fields onto the 'Shipping Information' category.     All shipping data fields moved into 'Shipping Information' category.

Both beginners and power users will benefit from alternative designer Code On Time Tools for Excel.

Changing the properties for all shipping fields in editForm1 of Orders controller.

Windows Azure Cloud
Windows Azure App Factory Hosting and maintaining your own on-premise application setup is difficult. Just setting it up will take lots of time and money, let alone updating and scaling to fit the user's needs. Windows Azure cloud hosting makes this easy - deploy your application to the cloud with Azure Factory. With a few clicks, your application will be protected by firewall, enhanced with load balancer, and running on two extra-small Compute instances. There are no upfront expenses or need to have extensive knowledge - just pay as you go. Look at our tutorial for more info.
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DotNetNuke Module Creation
DotNetNuke App Factory Using a dynamic web portal for your database web applications can dramatically increase flexibility. If you try setting this up on your own, you'll find that this task is not that simple. Instead of building your own portal, why not use the most popular portal software? DotNetNuke can be up and running within minutes. Code On Time's DotNetNuke Factory creates DNN modules that are ready for deployment to your portal. Simply point to your DotNetNuke instance, generate the application, and press deploy. Within a few minutes, you can add your data module to any page. Look at our tutorial for more info. Read
Excel-style record editing
What would you say if your users were able to edit data in a web browser as if it were Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel? Surely that would be great. Only Code On Time offers an innovative Data Sheet view that works in major browsers and requires no plugins. Caspio requires you to build individual pages for each table you want to edit.
Code On Time's Data Sheet View
Find everything you need without customization
Our philosophy is simple - if you have data then there should be a way to find it. Why does one have to define any specific set of fields that users of the application can search by? How about letting your users to search for their data using any combination of field they desire. Read about searching in Code On Time applications. Quick Find, automatic search bars, and adaptive filtering are a part of every data grid. Caspio applications will require you to add search bars and other elements to each page that needs it. Caspio web apps cannot match the unlimited search capabilities available to end users of Code On Time applications.
Searching in Code On Time Applications
Export your data, the way you want to
With Code On Time web apps, you have the ability to create unlimited live RSS Feeds with custom user-defined filters that may eliminate the need to write email notifications. Caspio allows you to send email notifications. Code On Time also makes business data analysis easy. In Caspio, this is not possible without major application customization. All Code On Time web app pages support a live "Export to Spreadsheet" option with secure user identity verification. Business users can quickly create custom digital dashboards and work with the data without even being required to log in to the website. Being able to take data offline is critical in today's world. Code On Time makes it possible.
Export Data in Code On Time Applications
Complex charting capabilities
Learn about charting support in generated web applications. Can you do that using Caspio? Definitely not with the same elegance, speed, and user interface finesse.
Charting in Code On Time Applications
Order Form Sample
The screen shot shows a sample Order Form created with Code On Time. You will have a hard time creating a layout of a page as refined as the one in the picture if you try that with Caspio.

Order Form Sample - view a step-by-step guide that explains how to build the form below.
Order Form Sample With Code On Time Web App Generator
Master-Detail Report - view a step-by-step guide that explains how to build a master-detail report.
A master-detail report for Order Form Sample
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