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Maximize Charts

Several sample charts are displayed below. Note that the axis values, legend, title, and any labels are placed outside of the chart. The chart itself floats in the center of the cell in the view.

Several example charts from Orders which have all elements outside the graph area with the chart floating in the center of the cell.

It is possible to expand each chart so that they fill the entire available area. All elements of the chart will be place inside the axes in order to full utilize all available screen size. The legend will be placed at the top of the graph, axis labels are placed inside the axes, and the title is also located inside the graph area.

In order to specify a chart to use this expanded mode, add the keyword “maximize” for every pivot defined in the view.

Data Field Tag
CustomerID pivot3-col1-top5-sortdescbyvalue pivot3-maximize
EmployeeID pivot2-row1-bar pivot2-maximize
OrderDate pivot1-row1-date-line pivot3-row1-date-all-columnstacked pivot4-row1-date pivot1-maximize
ShipVia pivot4-col1-areastacked pivot4-maximize

The charts will now maximize the available space.

The new charts have maximized the available space, and all elements are placed inside the chart.