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  Assigning a Theme to a Page

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Assigning a Theme to a Page

Code On Time apps with Touch UI allow the user to pick from over 35 themes. However, the developer may wish to define a specific theme on a particular page to enforce branding or associate a color with functionality. Taking a Northwind sample app as an example, you may wish to have the Membership page display “Dark” theme, have Products page use “Plastic” theme, and have Customers page use “Summer” theme.

The Membership, Customrs, and Products pages using the themes Dark, Summer, and Plastic, respectively.

To assign default themes to each page, first start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, double-click on Customers page.

Selecting the Customers page from the Project Explorer.

Change the following. Note that the name of the theme must be capitalized correctly.

Property Value
Custom Style page-theme-Summer

Press OK to save changes.

Next, double-click on the Products page in the Project Explorer.

Selecting the Products page from the Project Explorer.

Change the following and press OK to save.

Property Value
Custom Style page-theme-Plastic

Finally, double-click on the Membership page.

Selecting the Membership page from the Project Explorer.

Change the custom style of the page.

Property Value
Custom Style page-theme-Dark

On the toolbar, press Browse, and navigate to the Products page. Note that the theme is changed to “Plastic”.

The products page is now using Plastic theme.

The Theme option will not be present in the Settings panel, preventing the user from changing the theme.

"Theme" option in the Settings panel is not present.