Search Bar Field Modes

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Search Bar Field Modes

The Advanced Search Bar allows end users to combine specific search parameters to find the data they need.

When the user first opens the search bar, three search fields will be present, matching the first three data fields in the grid.

Default advanced search bar for Products grid view.

The web app can be customized to require users to use a search field, suggest a field, or restrict users from searching by a specific field.

For example, the customized search bar below has one required field (Product Name) and three suggested fields (Unit Price, Units In Stock, Units On Order) that appear when the user opens the search bar for the first time. The required Product Name field cannot be changed.

Customized search bar for Products grid view. Product Name is required and cannot be changed. Unit Price, Units In Stock, and Units On Order are suggested.

If a search is performed without entering a parameter in the required field, the user will be notified that the field is required.

When a search is performed without a required search parameter, the user will be prompted to enter a parameter.

The Discontinued field was marked as “Forbidden”, and does not show up on the list of searchable fields.

Fields marked as 'Forbidden' will not show up on the list of search fields.