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  Understanding The Project

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Understanding The Project

The Northwind database is a typical mail order management system.

The core of the database is composed of two tables: Orders and Order Details. Each sale is recorded in the Orders table. Items purchased are recorded in the Order Details table.

Orders and Order Details tables from Northwind database

Orders table has references to Customers, Employees, and ShippersOrders table also contains information about Order Date, Required Date, Shipped Date, Freight Amount, and the shipping details.

Orders table and foreign keys in Northwind database

Order Details table refers to Products and indirectly references Categories and Suppliers. Order Details will contain a few fields taken from all of these foreign key relationships.


This is the baseline version of the orders screen, created automatically by the web application generator.

Baseline version of Orders screen

We will create a custom version of this form, to make the order entry process as friendly as possible.