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  Installing Northwind on Microsoft SQL Server

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Installing Northwind on Microsoft SQL Server

The Database Connection page is the first page you will see after creating a new project. This page allows you to specify your data provider and connection string. We will be using Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Select your data provider from the list, and press the “…” button to compose a connection string.

Button to activate the database connection string page.

A typical project will start with selection of an existing database. For this example, we will create a new one. Enter your server name, credentials, and enter “Northwind” in the Database field.

Property Value
Database Northwind

Press Create to the right of Database field, confirm the creation, and the database will be created.

Database with the name of 'Northwind' created on the specified server.

Under Sample Tables, select Northwind from the dropdown. Press Install, and confirm. This will install the Northwind sample database into the specified server.

Installing the Northwind sample into the specified database.

You can monitor the progress in the log at the bottom. The web app generator will notify you upon completion.