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Show Page Size

Grid and data sheet views show the number of items per page, as well as allow the user to change the number of items displayed and refresh the view, using the controls in the bottom right corner of the pager.

Employee Territories data view with Page Size controls enabled.

The page size information takes up a significant amount of space in the pager. You may wish to have a more compact presentation of the pager.

Start the Project Designer. In the Explorer, double-click on Employees / Employee Territories / container1 / view1 node.

Employee Territories 'view1' data view on the Employee Territories page.

Change the following property:

Property New Value
Show Page Size False

Press OK to save the data view. On the tool bar, click on Browse to generate the application.

When the web app opens in your default web browser, navigate to the Employee Territories page. The data view is now compact — it no longer displays the page size information.

Employee Territories data view without the Page Size controls.