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Show Modal Forms

Web applications generated with Code On Time use an in-place form when a user drills in to a master record, such as the selected Supplier in the picture below.

In-place form view of a selected master record in Suppliers page in Code On Time web application

Modal presentation is used for master data views without children and for child data views. The picture below shows the modal form view displayed when a Product is selected in the child data view.

Modal form view displaying a selected child Products on Suppliers page in web application created with Code On Time

You can change the presentation of a data view using the “Show Modal Form” property.

Start Code On Time web app generator, click on the project name, and press Design. Double-click on Region / Suppliers / container2 / view2 node in the Project Explorer. Uncheck the Show Modal Forms property.

'Show Modal Forms' property unchecked

Press OK to save the data view. On the tool bar, press Generate to regenerate the web application.

When the web application opens in your default web browser, navigate to Suppliers page, and select any supplier. Select a product in the child data view, and you will see the record form opened in-place. Users drill into the details of a record in the grid view.

Both master and child data views using in-place form

There is also an option in the Project Wizard to control modal presentation of form views for the entire application.