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Controls represent instances of custom user controls on a page, and can be used to extend the pages.

Control Properties:

Property Description
Activator Specifies the method to activate the user control on the page.
Container Specifies the container that the control belongs to.
Id Specifies the unique Id of the control. Can be changed in the Project Explorer.
Page Specifies the page that the control belongs to.
Sequence Specifies the order of the control in the container.
Text Specifies the text displayed in the activator, if applicable.
User Control Specifies the user control that will be instanced.

Learn how to work with controls in the Project Designer.

Learn to drag and drop controls in the Project Explorer.

Common Tasks:

Task Description
Custom User Controls Learn how to create user controls and position them on a page.
Custom Grid Template Learn how to create a custom layout for selected rows in the grid.
Custom Form Template Learn how to customize the form data field layout.