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Views define the presentation of data on pages. Form views require data fields to be arranged in categories. Other view types do not work with categories.

Views can be found on the Views tab of the data controller properties page.

Views tab on the Controller page in the Project Browser.

A new view can be created using the New | New View action on the action bar.

New View action bar option in the Project Browser of Code On Time web application generator.

The details of a view can be seen and edited by clicking on an Id or using the context menu option Open.

Open context menu option for Views.     Views page in the Project Browser of Code On Time Project Designer.

The Sync context menu option will select the relevant view node in the Project Explorer.

Sync context menu option for views in the Project Browser.     The correct view node has been selected in the Project Explorer.

Form views require all data fields to be placed in categories. Grid views are incompatible with categories. Therefore, views cannot be directly converted from a form to a grid or vice versa by changing the Type property. To convert a view, use the Convert to Form and Convert To Grid context menu option in the Project Explorer.

Convert to Form context menu option in the Project Designer for web applications.

Views can be deleted using the Delete context menu option.

Delete context menu option in the Project Explorer.

Views can be rearranged with drag and drop operations in the Project Explorer.

Dragging createForm1 view node to the right side of grid1 view in the Project Explorer.     CreateForm1 view has been placed after grid1 in the list of Views.