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  Synchronizing with Project Explorer

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Synchronizing with Project Explorer

The Synchronize with Designer action selects the node in the Project Explorer corresponding to the selected item in the Designer window, allowing easy location of items and a quick way to orient yourself in the project configuration hierarchy.

Synchronize with Designer icon on the Project Explorer toolbar.

For example, double-click on Customers / Orders / container1 / view1 node.

View1 on the Orders page.

The properties page for the view will open in the Designer window.

Data View property page with Sync button on the action bar.

In the Project Explorer, switch to the User Controls tab, and highlight Welcome user control.

Welcome user control highlighted.

Click on the Synchronize button on the Project Explorer, the Sync action on the Designer action bar, or press “Ctrl+.” keyboard shortcut (“Control” key pressed simultaneously with “period” key).

Synchronize button on the Project Explorer toolbar. 

The Project Explorer will switch to the Controllers tab, and highlight the view1 node that was open in the Designer window.

Synchronize button shifts the focus back to view1.

The Sync action is also available on the context menu in the lists of project configuration elements.

Sync context menu option on container2 from the list of containers.

Clicking on the Sync action will select the relevant node in the Project Explorer.


Focus can be switched between Designer window and Project Explorer tree by pressing “F4” keyboard shortcut.