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Previewing the Project

The Project Designer has a built-in Preview window to display the web application without opening a new window each time. It also offers instant inspection of page elements.

Start the Project Designer. On the Project Browser toolbar, select Generate option.

Project Designer window with Generate button on the toolbar highlighted.

The Preview window will open when the generation has finished. If a page was selected in the Project Explorer, that page will be opened.

Clicking on Generate will generate the web application and open the selected page of the Project Explorer in a Preview window.

The Preview toolbar displays Back and Forward navigation buttons, the current URL, and a Refresh button.

Back and Forward buttons, URL Bar, and Refresh button available for application navigation in the Project Preview toolbar.

The Designer button on the left side will bring forward the Project Designer window.

Bring Designer in Front button will bring the Designer window to focus.

The Project Designer toolbar now has a button in the same location for rapid switching between Designer and Preview.

Clicking Bring Preview in Front in the Designer toolbar will bring the Preview window to focus.

The Inspect button allows you to select a page element in the web application and have it synchronized in the Project Browser window.

For example, click on Inspect to activate inspect mode.

Inspect in Designer button allows your to select a page element to open the element in the Designer window.

Click on an area of the web application.

In Inspect Mode, click on the Company Name header of the Customers grid view.

The relevant project configuration element will be opened in the Project Browser and the corresponding node will be selected in the hierarchy of the Project Explorer.

Company Name data field selected in the Project Browser.     Data field Company Name selected in the Project Explorer.

The last button on the Preview toolbar, View in Browser, will open the current page in your default browser.

View in Browser button on the Preview toolbar opens the current page in the default browser.