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Text Box

The application generator automatically configures memo (long text) fields as multi-line text boxes. The column Categories.Description from the Northwind sample is an example of a memo field.

Description field on Categories edit form rendered as a multiline text box.

The property Rows of the Categories.Description data field has a default value of “5”. Changing the number of rows of the data field to “1” will convert the field into a single-line text box.

Start the Project Designer. In the Project Explorer, switch to the Controllers tab. Double-click on Categories / Fields / Description field node.

Description field of Categories controller in the Project Explorer.

At the top of the Designer window, switch to the Data Fields tab. Change all data fields as shown next:

Property New Value
Rows 1

Change all Categories data fields Rows property to '1'.

Save all changes, and click Browse on the toolbar.

When the web app opens in your default web browser, navigate to the Categories page and edit a record. The Description field is now rendered as a single-line text box.

Description field on Categories edit form rendered as a single line text box.

The Rows property of standard string fields is blank. Changing it to any value greater than “1” will convert the data field into a multi-line text box.