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The “Batch Edit” action allows users to change field values of multiple records at the same time. In order for the action to work properly, multiple selection must be enabled.

Inline Batch Edit

To perform a batch edit, first check the boxes next to several rows in a grid. Using the context menu, click on the “Batch Edit” action.

Activating the Batch Edit action in the row context menu.

Check the box underneath the field that you want to update and enter a new value.

Batch updating the Contact Title field.

Press the Update Selection button to save the value. All rows that were checked will be updated.

All checked rows were updated.

Form Batch Edit

Batch edit can also be performed in the form. Check the boxes next to the rows to update. Use the context menu to select Batch Edit (Form) action.

Activating the 'Batch Edit (Form)' option.

Again, check the boxes under the field that will be updated, and insert a value.

Updating the Contact Title field.

Press Update Selection button. The field values will be updated for the checked rows.

The field values have been updated.

Enabling Batch Edit for a Single Controller

Batch editing is not enabled by default in Code On Time web applications. For example, the Suppliers controller does not have the action available.

Batch Edit option not available in Suppliers.

Let’s enable batch edit for the Suppliers controller.

Start the web application generator. Click on the project name, and select Settings. Click on Features.

Make the following changes:

Property Value
Enable multiple-selection in all grid views… true
Enable batch editing in all data controllers… true

Press Finish to skip to the Summary page. Click Refresh, and check the box next to Suppliers controller. Continue to regenerate the web application.

Refreshing the Suppliers controller.

When the web application is loaded in your browser, navigate to the Suppliers page. The Batch Edit options will be available in the row context menu.

Suppliers now has the 'Batch Edit' command.